Compensation for punika not working?

Free Punika powerpass has been reenabled today.

I used it on a char (Moomooscrapper) that I created a while ago, but it was parked as the powerpass was disabled.

According to Update to Disabled Powerpasses, we should receive a compensation for that. I did not however get anything in my universal storage.

All players who either

  • (1) completed a quest to earn a free Powerpass (Ealyn’s Gift or Berver’s Friend) between July 23rd and when free Powerpasses were reenabled or
  • (2) have an unused free Powerpass and actively logged in between July 23rd and when free Powerpasses were reenabled will receive one

Could you please clarify why my char was not eligible? I assumed I was fulfilling (2), as I had the powerpass unused in my account and has been active every day.



Having the same issue here. Just submitted a ticket about this, waiting to see the answer.

Hello! The compensation may not appear immediately for you. As per a comment from our support staff: Give it up to 48 hours to show. If it still doesn’t, let us know and I can escalate it to the team.


I haven’t received the compensation either. Any idea when it’s supposed to start showing up for people? I’ve played every day and I have the punika pass sitting on my character select screen

I have now received it in my “Product Iventory”. Problem is solved for me. Ty

Thank you for keeping us updated!

@3ndure Did you receive yours?