Compensation for the 24+ hours lost on Galatur?

Are we going to be receiving any compensation for the Galatur players who couldn’t progress on their main character for over 24 hours? Server went down 2/9/22 around 11pm cst. If you were playing online during this time odds are you lost access to the main quest line. Most of the people I spoke with were not able to progress for over 24hours. Is there going to be any compensation for this? We paid for a head start, and got screwed out of it. I understand things happen, but the lack of communication and timelines was atrocious. We kept being told to submit a ticket and everyone had their tickets submitted for 15-20 hours and they had still yet to have access to their characters main quest.

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Please check out News Post on this topics to find the steps you can take to resolve this issue.

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