Compensation in depth

First of all, I saw that many people are arguing on Twitter, and on Forums whether the compensation is enough or not. I’m trying to be a realist and let’s calculate it together the worth of that compensation.
Hard to make a personalized compensation because we all have a different roster, for example, I have multiple characters above 1400.

For this calculation I will use an average roster which means:
1x 1475+ilvl
5x 1370 ilvl

For the economy, I’m using the EU Central.

What this roster lost in 1 day:

  • Chaos Dungeons + Guardians

~800 blue stones (tradable)
~300 red stones (tradable)
14 g.leap (tradable) + some untradable g.leapstones from chaos
100k silver
10k honor shard(bound)

5x 1370:
~2500 blue stones (tradable)
~750 red stones (tradable)
35 g.leap (only tradable mats) + some untradable g.leapstones
~300k silver
~10k Honor shard(bound)

  • Daily Una’s:
    (alts) 5x 79200 silver = 396k (lopang)
    (main) 1x 12-15 g. leapstone (bound)

  • Gold island : 750 gold

  • field boss(thunderwing):
    1x stone of chaos 500 gold
    other loots like solar stones, mats,

  • losing the chance to get rng loot.
  • Blooming mokokos event: This is hard to estimate because you have to be lucky. Varies between 50 gold - 20k gold + silver.

  • Time: Hard to estimate, some people waited a whole day to be able to play asap, and others found something else to do.

  • 1 day crystalline aura if you had it

Tradable goods: Around 6.5k + rng loot
Bound goods value in gold: 8.5k gold like honor shards or honing mats.
Silver: ~800k - at the official gold shop to get 800k silver you need 8k gold

Total value: 23k
If we count in that we get back half of that as rested bonus rewards still 11.5k gold

What we get as compensation:

  • 5 day crystalline aura - 63 blue crystal ~ 1k gold

  • Aura of Resonance Recovery Elixir (14 days) x2 :

  1. ~800 blue
  2. ~300 red
  3. 14 g.leap
  4. 100k silver
  • 3 Battle Items Chest x3 - 1k gold

  • Una’s Tasks [Daily] +1 x3 - you cant select the best rewardable quests so. 8-10 g. leapstone or 60k silver

  • 20 pheons around 3.5k gold

  • Growth support pack:

  1. Destruction Stone Selection Pouch x5 = 1k red ~ 1.3k gold
  2. Guardian Stone Selection Pouch x12 = 2.4k blue ~ 720 gold
  3. Honing Shard Selection Chest x10 = 15k honor shard ~ 3.7k gold

Total: Around 16k gold + 100k silver(1k gold)

I may have made mistakes during this calculation but it is a rough estimation. For this roster is a decent compensation for those who have higher alts, don’t think so. And one more thing, it seems that our time for the AGS is worth around 6k gold, because that’s the plus value this roster got.

Lazy version:
We lost: 23k gold (11.5k gold if you use the rested bonus)
We get: 16-17k gold worth of goods.

Now everyone knows a rough estimation, it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it or not.

Interesting calculation but does not matter at all. The game is f2p getting a compensation is a bonus, most companies wouldn’t give a compensation at all. I am happy with what I get and wouldn’t question a compensation like this.

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It would have take a lot more time to do all the dailies on 6 chars than entering the forum now and then to see if the server is up. So the compensation is more than enough, especially for those like me, who play only 3 chars

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I believe the compensation scheme you showed would’ve fitted great if it were a game that required a purchase or a membership to play. Yet is a F2P game. You don’t need to pay to play.

However, that doesn’t mean we are not entitled to a compensation. If AGS had informed in advanced (3 days before would’ve been just enough) I wouldn’t mind not receiving compensation. Yet, they decided to notify with hours before normal maintenance schedule that they found a “critical error” (which we don’t know yet what it was, I would love to know what was the error that had 12+ hours servers down) and they had to move regular maintenance to start before reset, then spontaneously extend the maintenance several times without any extra info on what was happening. Being F2P or not, I view that as a disrespect for the customer time and money. At least I feel entitled to a compensation for that really bad and vague communication. Not for the delay, not for the extentions, but rather for the lack of transparency and understanding.

I also believe that the planned compensation is great for a F2P game (comparing to another asian game, Genshin Impact only provides 1 gacha throw as compensation, and there are many times in which that compensation is not really needed). However, it’s only rewarding for one character. There are people that play 2, 3, 6 or the 18 characters slots available, so the rewards are kind of unbalanced. I think that, at least, the Punika Growth Packs and Chaos Dungeon escences should’ve been sent depending on the amount of characters you have gold earning enabled (so per each character you receive 1 Punika Growth Pack and 2 Chaos Dungeon escences, maximum of 6 bundles per roster) and silver according to the amount of characters you have in general (like 100k chests per character, with a maximum of 18 chests). The rest of the rewards it is more than fine to receive once per roster, and not including gold is also OK as we have 6 more raiding days. I believe that would’ve been a more balanced compensation for the bad treatment we received. I repeat: Bad treatment.

The time is gold. The compensation arrives without even having connected, that is maximum efficiency. I wish there were more things like this

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You have to take into account that you receive that for doing zero, just playing other game, going outside etc.

So its fine in my mind. It’s even a free game, they are not forced to give compensation.

Honestly way better than the mitameaow I expected :smiley: