Compensation....I got nothing

Why is this keep happening to my account.

I got nothing on the Christmas gift. I have to send them an email. They then mail it to me.

Once again, I got nothing on this compensation…

I fear, this will happen again on the anniversary gift.

I have to put in a ticket again to get the compensation. I might as well put my ticket in as well for my future anniversary gift.

Also, I still am not able to buy any royal crystals. Still getting the network issue…

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Can you not access the Product Inventory from the store?

Do you have the Steam Overlay enabled for Lost Ark?

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I do on both. Checked already. This happened to me during the Christmas gift as well.

The dev team have to express mail the gift to me.

It is very odd that this is happening. I have zero issues getting twitch drop and Amazon prime gaming items.

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Hi @Livid_Lightstorm, not sure exactly where you have checked for this ingame but please check out the picture I attach and where the YELLOW CIRCLE is on the top row of buttons.
Click on that icon and see if anything is in there …

It is not my image, I just grabbed it from google as an example because it saved me loading in to take my own screenshot.

I hope that helps :+1:

Thank you for trying to help. I have checked there already.

In fact, I just got my twitch drop today. If the compensation is there. I won’t miss it. But it is not.

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no worries @Livid_Lightstorm, it is sounding to me like it could be helpful is someone could look into your account logs, what is and has happened in that part of the game for you.

I am thinking some sort of SQL query on the database for “whatever the name is of that button?” and any transactions your login has had with it may shed some light on what’s going on.

Something a ticket might well be needed for. Maybe a CM could provide some specific information here too that could help you work out what has happened.

Good Luck :+1:

I really will like to find out why as well so this won’t happen again in the future.

I don’t want to keep sending/putting a ticket in everytime when a gift is being sent out.

I know the next one is the anniversary gift. I already see myself getting ready to send in other ticket for it:(

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There is no notifications for compensation gifts anymore (i assume in hopes that not everyone claims them.) But if you click the icon on the left of your mail icon it will be there.

Edit: sorry just read the rest of the posts and that you already checked. My only other suggestion is that you make sure you are checking on your main character. At the main character screen you have an option to choose which character your main is. Perhaps like me you deleted your main early on and havent selected a new one.

Never deleted my main. Has been the same character since I started the journey in lost ark back during February 3 day early start

Still loving my main Pally

I have checked on all my 6 characters, btw

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i tried my best lol sorry to hear that. hopefully everything works out for you!

Hello @Livid_Lightstorm, hope you’re doing well.

I’m sorry to read that your compensations and gifts are missing and that you’re not able to purchase Royal Crystals, as for the latter you mentioned that you’ve already checked if that the Steam Overlay is enabled and that you’re getting a network issue, is this error the one you mentioned in the thread Did not receive Christmas gift? - #7 by Livid_Lightstorm?

If this is the case, please confirm if the error persist after trying the troubleshooting steps in the following Amazon Games Support website article:

Regarding the missing compensation and gifts, you also mentioned that that you had to contact us to obtain previous compensations/gifts, have you received the recent compensation yet? If not, please provide us with the name and server of your character to see if it is possible to provide it and so our dedicated team can investigate this issue further.

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply, have a good day in Arkesia.


As for the network issue, it is the same error from before: Did not receive Christmas gift? - #7 by Livid_Lightstorm

It happens around Oct update. As I checked my steam purchase history. The last time I was able to buy any royal crystals is from Oct. After that update. Something must of happened. As I have try every possible step online that I can find or given and even completely reinstalled steam and the game. Still getting the network issue.

As for the compensation gift. Yes, I have not received it yet. This confuses me as well. As it happened just like the Christmas gift.


The Christmas gift was sent to me couple weeks later in a express mail.

Am I not on a list to receive gift? Something in my account is blocking it? I have zero issues getting twitch dropping and Amazon prime gift. Is the gift from the update being sent out differently?

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Hello again @Livid_Lightstorm, thank you for providing this information.

I’ve escalated your issue to our dedicated team so they can investigate this and to see if it’s possible to send you the compensation package, I’ll get back to you as soon as I get an update on this.

Have a good day in Arkesia.

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Thank you, greatly appreciated :pray::pray:

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I got the compensation gift!! Thank you. It show up after I switch Internet contracts

I don’t know if you guys did something or it was the Internet switch.

The network error is also gone, btw. I am golden now!!

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Hello @Livid_Lightstorm, sorry for the late response.

I’m glad to read that you’ve received your compensation package and that your network error is gone, however it is possible that it was because of the Internet switch you mentioned as our team is still investigating this issue.

I’ll update them with this information, please let us know here in the forums or through the Amazon Games Support website if you experience the network issue again or if you’re missing any gifts or compensations in the future.

Have a good day in Arkesia.


Thank you very much @Chameliaca for following up with this.

I would like if at all possible for further follow up information on this issue if that is acceptable.

The fact that @Livid_Lightstorm stated the issue was resolved after changing his “internet contract” and you have stated the team is still looking/investigating the issue on their end, to me that is a near certainty that this issue is related to something that Livid_Lightstorm’s old internet provider was doing on their connection that they were charging their customers for.

Great work on behalf of Livid_Lightstorm for taking the initiative and changing his contract.

I am getting a feeling that it may be possible many of the issues faced by players is actually the fault of their internet providers. Not just with connection problems or being kicked out of the game but also with normal functions within the game as well. Truely boggles my mind how some Internet providers can treat their customers.

Some sort of confirmation that the issue of not receiving any compensation is not the fault of anything on Lost Ark’s end would in my mind go a long way to show that some Internet provides are doing things/manipulating their customers connections in a derogatory manner.

It may be pertinent to make the support members aware of this thread, the issues within and the resolutions found for future reference. A sort of case study if you like.

Again, Thank you very much to all those involved in trying to help out here in the thread and also in the background.

Cheers :+1:

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During the whole time with my old Internet contacts. I noticed some of my stream pages/links wasn’t loading as well.

I also have a little issues with prime video and HBO max streaming…the error of something gone wrong or the video won’t load or it will just stop and so on. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens.

I never have issues with Netflix. I think that is because Netflix pay to push their streaming out on their end…I read an article about it somewhere before. How Netflix does it.

I guess it is good to switch your Internet provider/contract every year or at least couple of years

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