Competitive PVP Season Ended?

So the ‘Official News’ which is not linked to in the game from what I can find, said in a quiet post that the PVP season ends on the 7th. In the game until the maintenance started it just kept saying “Until further notice.” Considering I had no way of knowing that the PVP Season was ending on th 7th I figured during this week I could finish grinding up to Supreme 1 and get the Mount and Crest since I went from 15th Limit to Ultra 8 over the course of a week. If I had been informed by any logical means in the game or a link in the game saying “Hey. There’s news about PVP!” then I’d have finished my grind before the maintenance that took an entire day.

There is this fabeld thing which is called Roadmap. It was statet there iirc. If u want news about the game this is the main source. Plus maybe steam announcements. U cant miss them. So I guess it happens and won’t happen to u again. Take it as a lesson I guess.