Completed final Awakening quest, spoke to beatrice, but still did not receive completion

When i completed the final awakening quest after speaking to Beatrice i received the placeholder for my awakening skill at the bottom, but did not receive the awakening skill along with experience points. When i press J it did not show up under completed but was still “in progress”.

At this point i was thinking its got to be a bug and i keep relogging, going back to trixion to speak with Beatrice but nothing. Then when i abandoned mission it showed up in my completed tab in quest journal, but no rewards.

Am i able to redo this quest? or did i just completely miss out on my first awakening skill for this character? Was i missing something? anything input would be deeply appreciated.

i also completed the awakening quest, but received no item in my inventory to activate the awakening skill, and the quest is considered completed. I restarted the game and expected the item to drop in the mail, but nothing. i am essentially an artillerist now without an awakening skill.

ingame name: Mrpogman
server: Neria


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There has got to be a way we can get our abilities! hopefully there is a solution to this or something we’re missing.

to add to the frustration of this bug - last night i used the free Vern PowerPass to start an alt character. I chose adventure mode and upon completion, my alt character had his awakening ability! However my main with the most time invested still does not because of this horrific bug. I really, REALLY hope this gets acknowledged

!! My nick in game: Alexcsasouza
Awakening quest buugggg! in the third mission it no longer appears. I’m very sad Someone help me

Check here; this may help you

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