Completed Roadmap of All Class Release

Hi! If this topic has been discussed and has been posted about before, I apologize in advance as I personally haven’t come across one.

Is it possible that we will later receive a complete roadmap of all class release for Lost Ark? This way I can plan accordingly and possibly also play other games while I wait patiently for my respective main class - I’m sure other who agrees with me will appreciate such update notes.

This way anyone with high copium like me can move on and all discussion and heated debate and speculation regarding any class release date will cease. With a justification and transparency along with these roadmap and why the classes are released in such order should elevate any complaints - I’ve seen this happen in FFXIV, and I am sure this can happen in Lost Ark.

If anyone still decides to complain, then I’m sure the community who appreciates honesty will defend the respective employees at Lost Ark.

TLDR: Please release roadmap of what you have planned with dates, to how and why the class will be released in order in the NA server.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:


Would love this. Gives people an idea when their class comes out so we don’t have 10 new threads about it every week.

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It would be cool, but truthfully plans are still shifting and changing a lot opposed to us having a plan locked for the next… however long. We are toying with the idea of frequent shorter “roadmaps” to share, but it also depends on working towards locking in those contents as much as possible. Lots going on!!


Ahhh I see, hopefully these plans gets locked asap :'O
But I’m glad there is a suggested idea of a frequent roadmap release, I would definitely appreciate those over nothing XD

Thank you for the information, it’s really appreciated it!

hi roxx,
I wanted to know if honestly, in the not too distant future, it would be possible to release more than one class per month, and if there is almost no chance of that happening? Thanks

I get what you say, but there is less than one month before next patch and we don’t know what’s coming next. At this point, we can’t even call that a roadmap.

They are not roadmaps. They are preliminary patch notes.

A roadmap is akin to a sitdown discussion with a well put together plan or projection on content rollout. Things are changing so much and it’s likely because of how hard and seemingly small the communication windows may be.

You then add in the community feedback, good or bad, localization and the fact thay AGS is like… providing servers for a service in which they have no power to make any meaningful changes unless it’s simple things like text maybe?

I can’t list everything off the top of my head, but it seems like they have to backseat drive which means zero control as to where this train is headed.

Very unfortunate for the player base.

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The roadmap is 1 every month so just take a break till the end of the year eventually they’ll all be out, eventually we will be up to polarity with KR version copium…

It is a bit insane that AGS/SG cannot confirm a line up at all of the already existing classes to be released, not even dates just a line up, that are just not in the game. I guess every month is just gonna DATA collecting for a 3 year old game to make a decision on which class to release? DATA that apparently 3 years of the game being live is not there and still needs collecting :person_shrugging:

This to me sounds like NA/EU are at the bottom of Smilegate’s priorities. That’s good to know. I wont be wasting anymore money on the game no matter how cool the skins look when you add more. Nothing like playing a game where developers treat you like second class citizens to make you feel like you wasted time and money. Not sure what i was expecting really. This game is one of the best MMO’s I’ve played in a while but leave it to bad leadership to ruin every game that has potential just because they see dollar signs. How does a game that has been out for years and plans to release in a new region take this long to lock in content. you literally only have to translate the game and give people the content they need. Chaos dungeon and guardian raids are not content.



But… there is no reason to shift classes around. I understand the content, but classes? Just decide with sgr and finally let us know how long we have to wait until we can really enjoy the game to full extent

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Are we planning to get June/July/etc roadmap shortly after the May content update? At the very least, hopefully before the June update. Roadmaps are also supposed to be the goalposts AGS/SGR set for themselves to stay on track; it is also a form of accountability and to inform the community of future planned content. I didn’t look into KR much, but I believe their road map tends to be lengthier and with estimated release schedule for content. In 2021 they had specific dates for Valtan and Vykas and the planned month for Kakul Saydon. This makes sense as there are more uncertainties for goals further off and/or it leaves room for possible changes.

I hope to see something similar going forward. The current wait and watch approach and last minute changes and updates that’s been happening is hopefully due to the team being new at this and not the expected norm in the future.

Thanks for all you do Roxx and CMs.

Edit: To add on, the current wait and watch method is fine prior to Valtan as you want to get this release right and AGS is, hopefully, getting more accustomed to it, but the team should try to be more proactive and confident going forward. Right now AGS/SGR teams seems no different than headless chickens trying to put something together last minute; that’s why things are constantly changing, because there is no set plan.

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Agreed. There’s so much content waiting to be released. The slow trickle, obvious nerfs, missing QoL, etc makes me feel like they just want my money.


At this point, the only unreleased class that appears to still be in a truly bad state is Summoner, since they have an insanely expensive double class engraving build, and the engraving system in general needs an overhaul. Every other one seems to be decent or at least comparable to current available classes. Scouter is great, destroyer and arcana are much better, Artist is a better healer now, reaper has her cool new counter and some buffs.

I really can’t see any balancing justification anymore for withholding classes to one a month.

them having to run 7+ dmg gems is more of what makes them expensive than them running double class engraving, some people feel her having double class as a good thing as it’s likely still cheaper than an extra meta dps battle engraving in some cases.

wouldn’t say that puts her in a bad state, they fixed many of the issues that kr players had with summoner with the big one being the ancient spear aoe thing and her summon not getting cc’d by mobs anymore.

there is no reason for them to withhold summoner from our version of the game.

I fully can understand this way to do, (being more “early announcement” than roadmap if we get to 2 month or even once, spread in less than 60 days because after the last patch spoke on roadmap )

But i am asking if this is really needed for classes.
I am sure those who decide can lock the class roadmap already. Classes have no impact about content, except the need to prepare for the swap. A class being released now, before biackiss or after abrelshud won’t really impact those content. just players. (while releasing too fast kakkul could have negativ effect “argos like” i admit)

I really have the feel that “you” (ags/smg) should really try to do it for classes.
Even better if they are released 2 per month until all are released for sure :stuck_out_tongue: else people will continue to ask “faster” on forums o:)

Thank you for this information !


Just a little reminder.

@Roxx or some other community managers. Keep in mind that you have like 3/4 weeks for the next part of the roadmap. Otherwise people would start being pissed off by transparency again.

So keep up the good work with the game. And have a nice weekend.

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Probably takes a lot of manpower to localize the game from the studio company. On one end smilegate is making progress on the main branch updating original game while also managing all the other regions. We are the new customers so it feel like we are less of priority. Not trying to white knight it, just looking from the perspective of current work as a RN. 5 patients 1 new got to fix all 5 however as 1 person I can’t reasonably be in every room helping at the same time. However better communication helps satisfy the customer service which the middle man here is AGS. Improving communication on how the progress is going would help. Like I would rather have them tell us upfront we got all content ready but for profitability we are slowly releasing updates in order to maximize profits. Then I could make a reasonable decision on how to proceed. The lack of information from communication leads to frustration from customers.

Please no frequent shorter regarding classes… A lot of us are stressing out already enough as is about holding mats for our true mains, if you guys only announce 1 class end of May for June, then 1 class end of June for July, etc – It’s going to be lame from a player perspective :confused: