Completely bugged out of tier 3 content for 3 days now

My t3 is completely bugged and i am unable to get the full set for 3 days now the helmet is never dropping in my chaos daily for 3 days now and i cant do anything because of it.

And theres also a bug where the t3 set are all untradable

i am completely bugged out of playing the game for 3 days now…

can a staff help out im not the only person that has this bug and is completely stuck unable to do anything i cant even do any guardians any abyss and any daily for 3 days now because it requires the full t3 set just to be able to start it.

Server: Azena

Ingame name: Lljustice

I am also affected by this.

Got everything except helmet in both runs.

This is not how its supposed to happen.

Region: NA East

Server: Regulus

Ingame name: Snailic

yup same here. its rng and they dont care. other regions allow for t3 to be bought on ah to stop this kind of rubbish.

same here, no chest drop from t3 dung, can’t do anything in game until 2morrow …

another day - another day of no t3 head dropping. another day locked out of any progression. this is actually broken and needs to be fixed like it is in other regions…