Concern Regarding the Current Roadmap

i have no clue why 99.99999% of people address a class release like content… are you guys for real?

Class is not a content, when reading “both scouter and legion raid together is too much content” my brain explodes…

what a joke

Summer is not a time when many play video games, its the time when you travel, go out with friends …

So it is understandable that they dont add a lot.

That being said, a class like summoner, easily the most popular in the west in any game, which was in the release client, is still not a part of the game 8 months in …

This is just hilarious, just like the lack of information in regards of how merges will work. If EUC and EUW are shrinked to 1 or 2 realms, then we should know this now and not in 2 months time.

Players have friends in this game, communities were formed, chars created, you cant throw all this out of the window within a 24 hour notice.

Nah they finally started to “respect our time” in August, don’t want them to ruin that

Not releasing Clown in August is a dumb mistake that I can only think is caused by some backend issue or/combined with them wanting to release something to push back against WotLK classic release on Sept 26th.

We’re looking at 90 days between Vykass and Clown - Korea originally released Clown 60 days after Vykass.

A mistake to be sure.

So you’re saying that you’re completely unaware that this flys in the face of what normally happens with Lost Ark during summer, which is precisely what OP described - summer is typically loaded with content, your assessment is incorrect and misinformed.

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Also, release more classes faster. Why are we waiting 11-13 months for some classes that should have been in the game from the start? Drop one in august and one in september

I am getting excited to bus using scouter


It took you that long? Just kidding, actually same, August will be painful to say the least.

Make August Great again!

““Sponsored by Igu Baba for President””

The amount of twitch humor in this thread

borring august

If 99 people think its content and you don’t then I have to take the word of 99 people.


So all of this crying about too fast content releases up to valtan only made people cry, that now we will have too much time in between new content. I think that taking feedback from people is almost useless when majority of players are committed to rule “I don’t know how it works, so I will talk BS and make up some stories anyway”.

How many threads were there about “caring about and inviting new people into the game”, so when new and casual players may have a period of time to catch up, we are doing stuff to cut that time down?
How many people were pushing for buffs, passes etc. to allegedly “help new players to get to the same content”, just to later get to conclusion that they want to remove them from their parties or make them do some extra steps before joining basic guardian raids because “they suck and are not using battle items”?
Absolute integrity behemoths, would be nice if the same set of people could decide on what do they even want in regards to direction of our progression into catching up with KR, you can’t have “care about new and casual players so they won’t feel like they are falling off” (I am only refering to that because of amount of recent threads about it) and “fast paced release schedule without fixing what’s already messed up to catch up to KR ASAP”. Either devs are going to look at data and adapt releases according to progression of MAJORITY (which is absent on forum, yt, twitch etc.) of players, or they won’t give a fuck and people are going to make another 1000 threads “AgS mAkEs Me PlAy FoR 25 hOuRs DaIlY tO cAtCh Up WiTh CoNtEnT fOmO”

Personally, I will gladly take this slower period of time since my main is parked at 1492, so I may buy legendary engravings and progress 5 alts further. I wouldn’t mind if I would have to do that faster, but knowing that I have more time than necessary is nice feeling.