Concerning Anecdotal Figures on EU West Activities

*EUC = EU Central , EUW = EU West

When EUW servers came out, my friends and I jumped and changed to Moonkeep. I’ve been playing a lot (now at ilvl 1345) and noticed significantly reduced player counts over the past week.

My friend and I logged on simultaneously on Moonkeep (EUW) and Nineveh (EUC) to compare the activities. Data were collected at 11.50 am - 12.15pm GMT+8. Here are some anecdotal figures.

Party Finders (Guardian Raids and Abbssyal Dungeons):
EUC: >30 parties listed (mostly filled with players)
EUW: 4 parties listed (only party leader)

Chaos Gate on EUW (player count taken 1 minute before the gates opened):
ilvl 1302: 1 players were waiting on Channel 1
ilvl 960: 6 players were waiting on Channel 1

As a player, I am very concerned with the number of active players on EUW (granted that at the time of playing the game it is off out peak hours). That being said, even on hours like 10 am UTC (daily reset), there are also only a handful of listed party finders in Abbssyal Dungeons.

Dear @Roxx / Devs, if you do read this, please help look into the numbers (you have more accurate information and data to go compare). As an MMO, it is really sad to see relatively low activities on the EUW server. Any chance EUW can be merged with EUC? or provide a server/region transfer function in the near future?

As I’ve already sunk in time and effort, it would really be distasteful and heartbreaking to start again in EUC. Among my friends and I, we all don’t mind having to wait 1 week (not playing our characters) for the server to merge and would even pay for the server transfer function should it ever be available.

I really do hope this situation can be looked into with haste. Appreciate any comments or ideas as well.