Concerns about using the market

Im just your average mushroom farmer who saved up crude mushrooms and recently they have done well.

Currently been hoarding consumables also, makes sense.

I see players selling gems for 800k getting banned, would a player selling equivalent sales in bombs/grenades trigger the autoban system?

Would love some clarity on how this system functions.

If the gold source is from a legitimate way, there is no way it could ban you.

You can then trade safely



This is the best. I’m sry but where doesn’t this comment not work lol.


Copy/paste response from a Copy/paste Manager.

Makes sense to me.

Of course you won’t get banned

Unless you do get banned, Then you will get banned.


Basically this for every post now.

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Honestly, i wouldnt be suprised.
I suddenly lost my Trusted status on my lost arc account.

Maybe some rmter bought my acessory and it triggered it ?
I dont see any other option, as i always had trusted.

It wouldnt be suprising if something happened using market

how do you lose your Trusted status when you can’t even see your Trusted status?

im too curious about it

i’m taking it for personnal use, this one is 100% pure gold

Florida man banned for breaking the mushroom market

i could normally mail others and now i cant - so thats that

I think this applies more to high cost items not bulk items. So although you have high gold sale if you sell them it is split up into multiple smaller transactions so it should not be a similar situation.

The way the system works is not fletched out cause if it was, then gold sellers/rmt use it to make better ways to bypass the system. So everything will just be based on information we know so far. All we know is there are multiple claims that there are false ban flags on high cost items being sold. Not on high sale price due to bulk items.

I think it’s ok as long as it’s not multiple large sales.

Players cheating do not have to buy gear/gems.

Players who make gold flipping the market would also be on steriods with cheap gold, to be able to flip in bulk.

Now did players rmt to dry up sectors of our market? Idk, but i do know that being an honest crude mushroom disciple allowed me to sell for alot more then i paid.

If ags has no measures for the market, i would also question why not.

I wouldn’t worry. You’re not receiving a whole bunch of money AT ONCE selling mushrooms. Gem, or BiS accessories’ gold, on the other hand, arrive at once. That’s why the system flags those transactions.

If you read in detail, that guy with 820k gem, RTM’ed 1.02 mil gold, so I wouldn’t believe most of the people blindly.

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