Concerns Regarding the Roadmap Delay

I think you guys are already pretty set up drip feeding the classes so I won’t comment anything on that but there is one thing that is more concerning to me than drip feeding classes.

I want to start this feedback with the assumption that the “leaked roadmap” was real. When I compared the leaked one and the one that was just put out. It feels like the only things that changed were:

Destroyer → Lancemaster
Arcana → Destroyer
Valton April → May
Other contents being pushed back and removed for obvious reasons since Valton is delayed

Just from a glance, did these changes really take that long to be finalized? I could be talking completely out of my arse but this honestly feel like could be decided in less than a week. I am truly curious what is causing the massive roadmap delay. Was it because of the timezone difference? Was it because you guys felt like you needed to collect more feedback?

Just looking at the results, I feel like you guys were either overthinking or you guys had trouble communicating with SG in KR because of timezones so the decision making process was slowed down by a ton or something.

If you guys can give us some clarity on that. I think most of the player base would really appreciate it.

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