Confirmation about using the private network tool

Ok, this tool was posted by a CS on this thread:

I’m getting a SHIT TON of GOx0-SPELPWF1F2NT errors and I want to give it a try

I contacted support (by the website support) to ask about the tool and to confirm if it’s REALLY safe to use (since we got an “official” post telling us that I can be used, but well …) …

the response I got from their support was this:

" XXXX [19:36:44] : If you do get banned just say you saw this post

Me [19:36:59] : bruh lol

XXXX [19:37:03] : But if the they said you can it should be fine

XXXX [19:37:50] : If i am honest I would not use a private network "

So, can we have more clarification about using it?

" 1. Go to and install the program"

up … PepeHands

Hello @RamasSoKehur,

I’m sorry for the connection issues you are having with the game, could I know what kind of troubleshooting steps have you tried so far?

Now, regarding with the usage of VPN’s; this is a post made by one of our community mangers related to the use of private networks, so you can give it a look:

Have a nice day! :leaves: is not a VPN service. It’s essentially a DNS resolver. It only handles the changing of hostnames to IP addresses.

This response is not on point and there should be some clarification from your team about this as this is an important distinction. To be more precise, it catches all DNS requests and does the lookup for you so that you don’t have to have your ISP do it. You should not care at all where I get my DNS resolution from.

I would hope there is a more clear answer than this…

Edit to the OP: There should be verry little they can do about this as DNS resolution happens outside of their game engine. Even if they wanted to prevent it, there isn’t any real way they could do that as where a DNS was resolved and by whom is not transmitted with the packets.


@Paronity My apologies, I got it wrong thinking that was a Private Networks inquiry.

Now regarding to the usage of the tool I will ask our teams to see if I can get a more clear response!

Very much appreciate the correction! :sparkles:


Awesome! Thanks for the response. These are the kind of communications I hope to see more of by support and CM’s.


I already tried to contact support about the errors.

I just need clarification about the CS post I linked. That tool seems to help.

@RamasSoKehur @Paronity,

Regardin the issue of the tool “

According to our teams we understand that this tool might help some players but we in AGS can not recommend to use the tool since it might affect the connection of some other users that are not that familiarized with this kind of things.

Our devs team are aware that there are some server stability issues and they are working non-stop to resolve the situation.

This is the most recent information we are handling and we really appreciate your patience during this.

Please if you have any other inquiry just let me know! :leaves:

Cannot recommend but it was already recommended …

Now, a more direction question:

Is using it a bannable offense or not? @Greenvcs

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Problem seems to be fixed after I started using that thing.

I DCed once, but the game crashed so fast I could not see any msgs, so I’m not sure what happened there.

But I still need a clear answer about the possibility of a ban. @Greenvcs

Unfortunately, I haven’t received a response regarding the use of the tool but once I do I will of course come back to you as soon as possible.

For the moment I will recommend you to please not use it.

I give up on you guys, more than a month and we can’t get a simple yes or no answer