Confirmed, they won't change back to 1 class per month

First, sorry Roxx you may turn into a target here, but you gived the confirmation and i only trying to make this more visible for others to find.

Two day after the roadmap, AGS know very well our feedback on 1 class per two month, but they don’t plan to change at all;

Why i’m making this post after only two days of the roadmap?

Like i said i wanted to give more visibility to this and because most of the feedback as given in the first day and now is getting less and less, the first days is when they to consider most to change back or not, now that things are calming here, so we could get answer like “it’s being discussed” or something similiar even though it may create false hope, but we receive that here is no plan to change even during all that, meaning that is likely that they saw our feedback and still decided to continue in 1 class per two months.

But like said in the roadmap that the cadence isn’t set in stone, and Roxx said that the feedback and our reactions is still being passed, so they may or may not change in the next roadmap, but we asked for even more fast and we got the exact opposite, so don’t expect for a change.

Oh, also just to be clear i didn’t like at all and there is content in the game and yet to be released in KR that can be released each 2 months for around a 10 months or more, so there is no need to do that with the classes.

Off: i may or may not wanted to put some oil in the fire.


The only thing I’m glad about with this, is they decided to not string players along more than the 4 months they already have on what they were going to end up doing in regards to this particular aspect of the game.

I suppose they could make it worse by switching to every 3 or 4 months if the “data” and “feedback” dictates it down the road :joy:

Yeah there’s this. At least for some ppl it’s good enough to get out now. It really saddens me tho. I feel fortunate I have most of the classes I want to play and Destroyer is my main. But I feel terrible for those that want to main unreleased classes. It just really dampens the spirit of players and friends of players that want to play those classes. It’s one thing when it’s only 2-3 months away, but 6+!? That’s too much to ask players to “just stock up bro” or “work on your account man.” Nah, fuck that. It’s basically saying you should suffer in a video game because you got unlucky with your class release. That’s awful.


I’m in that boat for the most part. This was just the nudge I needed to walk out the door. I’m a lot less angry today than I was a few days ago. It’s like I was keeping myself in denial for months and it just boiled over after reading that part of the roadmap. Hopefully other players can find some solace in the fact that they won’t have to waste more time and money waiting and waiting if they choose.

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Yeah i’m happy, but sad for y’all. Really weird lol. I don’t want to see ppl quit because of some stupid greedy ass decision, but I would too. Or if I played on NA West or EU West. Both of those regions have been done wrong. I totally understand walking away.

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Clown company. New World was a mess that wasn’t ready for launch but they released it anyway. And instead of improving the game with patches, they constantly ignored player feedback and pissed off players. That seems to be what they plan on doing with this game.

No disrespect, but I didn’t play or follow New World, but this is NOT New World. I know everyone wants to blame AGS, but this is AGS AND SG’s decision. So if we’re gonna blame, can we blame both of them?