Confused about "Additionally purchase Ark Pass: Noble Banquet Celebration Skin"

As seen in the screenshot, the product details for the super premium ark pass says that if you get to ark level 30 after purchasing the super premium pass, you can additionally purchase the skin set.
Does that mean you can buy a second set, the first being the set you get as you progressed through the ark pass?
It’s worded weird to me, like why tell us we can spend more money even after finishing the ark pass and already buying the super premium pass?


Yeah, I too am struggling to understand exactly what they mean by this and, if it is such a super special skin that is hidden behind the highest rank of the highest Ark Pass that STILL requires more money to be spent… why is there not a single bit of info on what the skin is… and what it darn well looks like!

(I also can’t believe that your post is the ONLY mention that I can find on the “celebration” skin! )

I came here with the exact same question, hoping to get some clarification on this. If we CAN buy additional sets of the noble banquet skins (since there’s 3 of them to choose from) that are also bound to roster that would be great… depending how much they are of course. Do they show up as a special listing in the cash shop or does some panel in the Ark Pass UI show up? I’d like more details, especially when money is involved.

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I just hit lvl 30 Ark pass, and I don’t see any indication of an additional celebration skin. Has anyone gotten clarification on what this is?

Nope! There’s been no update or clarification from Amazon or any of the CMs here since this issue was raised months ago