Confused about amazon pre-order

“Get the game the minute it comes out on February 7, 2022.”

I pre-ordered this back in December. It has that message above, and yet my card was just charged a few hours ago and I was never emailed a key, there’s no key in the digital orders section on my amazon account…so how in the world am I supposed to play?

wait for an hour… it was said that as soon as preloads start keys will be sent out. chill bro.

You’re lucky! My card hasn’t even been charged yet!

Think it goes out in 20 minutes? Preload happens at that time right?

Could you update on your status ? Did you get the email ? I’m confused because y’all said the keys will roll out when preloads begin meaning the pre download correct ? or are they talking about the actual release which is feb 8 not 7… you also don’t need the “key” in order to download it so I’m confused

I got my key and pre-load availability today, gameplay starts early access tomorrow at 9am Pacific time according to my amazon email. Hope that helps!