Confused about Card Quality, Replacing Cards

I currently have an Epic Thirain, but I also have a Legendary Thirain. I get the error “The Card Catalog is Full”, when I try to add the Legendary version. Should I delete the Epic version and replace it with the Legendary? I am not sure how this works.

These are different cards, “Grateful Thirain” vs “Thirain”, so they belong to different books and collections… I would recommend opening up another row of slots with crystals if you can but if you can right now you can store this card for later (even store in an alts storage). Please don’t delete any cards unless and until you’re absolutely sure you don’t need or want it.

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We can add more card slots or inventory slots with Crystals? Not seeing where to do that. Thanks for any tips.

Edit: found How to Expand Card Storage in Lost Ark - Gamer Journalist

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Press alt + c then go to the section where all your cards are. Then go all the way down and you will see you can add a whole row for like 30 crystals. This happened to me today as well and had to Google to figure it out :grin:

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Um no, don’t ever delete card unless you’re going for the card deletion achievement.

Card deck by default will max out at 120 cards, meaning everyone eventually need to buy more rows (10 slots per) at the price of 30 blue crystals per row. AFAIK there’s at least 350+ cards so one would need to buy at least 23 rows.

Now onto the issue at hand here, what you have here are two different cards - Grateful Thirain and Thirain.

These two may both refers to Thirain but they are entirely different card due to their rarity and name

The goal for card collection is to do the following…

  • Collect cards you want to use for Card Deck which every set have their own set bonus and awakening x amount bonus that unlocks at owning and equipping x amount of cards from same set, by equip them on your card deck.

  • Book sets are permanent stats increase (unless you delete cards that render the set become missing card), all you need to do is register cards into your collection and once you collect all cards from a set the bonus will automatically unlock and apply.

  • Enhance your card to awaken the card, each rarity require different amount of exp. Card exp canbe earned from consuming Soul Leaf or other rarity exp cards. You also need to own multiple copies of identical cards in order to awaken a card once you feed enough exp (awaken level up also require more exp). Awaken 1 need 1 identical, awaken 2 needs 2 and so forth.

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