Confused about western players

lost ark came out 2-3 years ago in other countries. how did they handle the “no support” problem? i dont think the korean players could say something like: “release another support class”. because the korean version was the first version of lost ark

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people asked in other topics how koreans handled it? interesting. show me the posts pls


they deal with it
for the first 2 - 3 years before artist even release they only have bards and paladins
but on korea at least support was on a top 5 class (bard is #1 and paladin is #2), so basically they have more support than na/eu region

this is the ranking from other thread :


interesting. thx for the info

they had 3 years before artist release. so they already had invested alot of time for their mains and most will probably not switch. but here we have a chance for more people to main artist. its still possible to switch mains. if artist releases after Brelshaza. theres even less chance for people to switch mains


in Korea, supports make up 24% of characters, according to Zeals the streamer who plays there.

He claims that in the west, the number is roughly 10%.

The fix is we need people to reroll support… Like a LOT of rerolling. It seems how critical this role is wasn’t made clear to many or most of us.

You have 6 gold-earning characters. Every group of 4 requires a support. This means that every player, on average, needs 1.5 support characters in their 6 gold-earning roster. If you do not have this number, you are contributing to the issue unfortunately.

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Our game is an accelerated release, without much accelerated honing or anything else to warrant having an alt support as high as a main dps that most of us are pushing. In other games especially, most people bite the bullet and make an alt support and invest in it. In Lost ark, it’s quite hard to raise 2 characters at the same time at endgame ilvl. I’d imagine some have a 1415 support and a 1445+ main. But if they want to push their support, they’re really going to slow down their main’s push.

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I think a lot of people in the West are WAITING for the Artist to arrive before they invest their time/money on their main as they are waiting for the Artist to be their main…

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Im waiting for Scouter to arrive to stop playing support. There are alot of us waiting for our fav dps class to re-roll

There are many of us, lots of scouter/summoner threads around here.

Biggest contributor is the poor design of support in this game. Almost as if a 4 year old designed support’s role in Lost ark and especially the “choice” in relic set and how the relic set works. DPS classes become really fun post 1445. Supports turn from a walking vitality/str potion into a running greater vitality/str potion with mostly the same core responsibilities and skill requirements as a dps player.

This is probably the weakest support design out of all the mmo’s I’ve played, which is quite an accomplishment considering the games I’ve played.

I am curious… how would Koreans act/behave if the tables were turned?
Would they also be waiting and wanting the Artist (or another class) to be their main?

Or do you think that they would waste their time/money on a main that they do not want?

I don’t think so… I think they would also wait for the class that they want.

It’s pretty easy. They had much more time to gear alts.

Keep in mind around a year of those 2-3years this game was considered bad in Korea.

Honestly I’m not sure what made it popular after. From what I can tell they just added some boss fights and a few extra activities. The core design and build diversity is still kinda bad IMO.

True that the problem requires people to reroll, but the problem is that they’re pushing forward with new content to satisfy the whales so there’s no time for the average player to reroll if they want to keep up with the pack

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Their endgame used to be vertus, achates and a few abyssal dungeon. So basically, they had lukewarm dungeons and walmart monster hunter on top of mobile game systems and honing… so no wonder their game isn’t as popular before.

I’d have to see what else they added then. From games like Monster Hunter, Terra, pretty much any Final Fantasy game, DMC, etc. One could see the east loves their big monster fights.

Personally I enjoy things long dead from the western origin of MMOs.
The west won’t put out MMOs anymore though because they still want to follow WoW which was more timing than anything else. The MMO genre had never been super popular.

“Artist wont increase the rate of support players”

Meanwhile there are thousands of people like me playing dps only until she comes because bard and paladin is pissboring

‘you dont need support if the boss dies instantly’ - 5head player

and even more players playing supports just waiting until scouter/destro/summoner/arcanist gets released.

If you believe what you’ve just said then you pretty much want no others class to be ever released. And you should understand why people disagree with that idea.

artist is basically just bard. she has a little more dps but less healing and shielding; very similar playstyle and squish.

close range shield like wind, spell like sound vibration that gives a movement buff, a counter, synergy apply skill that’s mid range, etc – just better spell casting animations and solo content is slightly less painful

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