Confused and Lost. EU

So from what @Roxx said

‘‘The new region for Europe is live now, which is an option for players who are willing to switch regions in order to avoid queues. Unfortunately, we are unable to add additional servers or capacity to the current EU Central region due to the game’s architecture, as this would lead to massive issues with game stability. We are still working on mitigating where we can, but unfortunately this situation is complex and requires work from all teams that will take time.’’


Option 1 > Queue for 15k+ on old servers everyday you want to play Lost Ark Or…

Option 2 > Start in the new EU region all over again from the start and lost all hard work in option 1.

Option 3 > Grant us a Power Pass from the start in the new EU Region ( Only for those who has already reached level 50 on the old EU Region) this is the only way you can help us move to a ‘‘None queue server’’

What is to say the new EU Region will not suffer from server overload again? Or has these new servers got enough/adjustable server capacity settings?

Edit > Added Option 3


Create an alt in EU-West and play there while the queues last in EU-Cent. That’s what I do. Can’t really move due to all the stuff I have paid for so it’s kind of like a vacation.

You’ll pretty much spend most of the time on the new EUW since there will always be a queue on the old servers unless you can get a guarantee spot open in your old server… and that’s waking up early in the morning to sneak in, that’s what I did and been playing for 11hours straight… and I’m DEAD. I know if I exit the game. I won’t be able to come back in again.

11hour lost ark

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made a new char on EuW but i just cannot be bothered leveling to 50 again. if they give powerpass ill probably play there.


Yeah, I just don’t have the energy to climb to 50 again…

If you don’t even have “the energy” to climb to 50 you won’t have any fun later as it just get more difficult from there XD

Doing same boring story line to lvl 50 is a big nono for me :poop:

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Think what he was trying to say was, he doesn’t have the energy to climb to 50 all over again. He never mentioned he didn’t have the energy to continue with his already level 50 character, just like alot of people here.

I myself have gone to EUW to give it a try, but It’s just not worth it for me. I’ve already moved from Kadan to another server, which that by itself was already a pain in the a*s. Moving to a whole new region is kind of a bet, because you never know where it stands in the future, especially when you can’t do anything cross-region.


colas y mas colas para entrar, meten una nueva region, me alegro, pero para los que pagamos para jugar antes del dia de salida solo tenemos colas de 4 horas, el sabado me dio igual, el domingo medio me reí, el lunes martes y miercoles ya no me hizo tanta gracia, y hoy jueves seguimos igual. Me alegra que este juego tenga exito, pero deberian hacer algo con los que pagamos en su momento, cola preferente por ejemplo.

Think what he was trying to say was, he doesn’t have the energy to climb to 50 all over again. He never mentioned he didn’t have the energy to continue with his already level 50 character,

Nailed it :smiley:

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Even though “climbing to 50” and playing after 50 are different things… This person kind of has a point. In the sense that climbing to 50 is one of the easiest and least time consuming things this game has to offer.

I understand not wanting to start over, but I am also very happy with my EU server choice and find the queues acceptable. If I were playing on Zinnervale though… I’d be gone to EU West in a heartbeat.

I play on Asta, work 40h a week and have Queues between 5k and 12k ^^ 50 can be reached within a day without any issue

I don’t necessarily think the problem is reaching 50. More so getting back to where you left, from quests, gearscore/gear in general and even seeds.

Option 3.1 > Grant us power pass and Item level 250 ( Only for those who has reached LVL 50). IF THEY DONT FIX THIS IN 3-5 DAYS. THIS GAME WILL END UP LIKE NEW WORLD