Confusing Wording on Paid Powerpasses

Can a new player who hasn’t done any of the quests buy them or no? The wording goes back and forth twice

so whats the confusing part?

I think the parts that say “These passes can only be acquired after another character… has completed the questlines…” and “Players will be able to purchase these… even if they have not completed the in-game content on a previous character”

Though, part of it says that a new player can use the 302 North Vern pass, but not any others. So, maybe they can buy them, but not use them until their main has progressed naturally?

they will be added to the in-game store , if you are a brand new player you can only get the north vern one, the rest are as follow:
-Rohendel 2200 RC
-Yorn 3300 RC (1100RC if you completed rohendel before buying the pass, completed as in did the questline, not powerpass/knowledge transfer )
-Feiton 4400 RC (2200 RC if you completed both rohendel and yorn)
-Punika 5500 RC (3300 if you completed rohendel, feiton and yorn)

EDIT: In order to buy the rohendel and above powerpasses you need a char that has done the questline normally

Oh yh i see it now :joy:


can someone explain do I get to buy 5 powerpasses or 1 :whale:

Or is it just 1 overall and you have to pick the continent u power pass to

as long as you have RC and slots you can buy them , keep in mind 5700RC is 89.99 and a char slot it 9.99

both :smiley:

Pretty sure 5500 RC is $50 USD.

the 5700 pack is 89.99 last time i checked, i might be wrong , better post a ss of the store

my bad then , sorry
so it would be around 60$ to get a char to punika

I mean that’s not what they said though and where the confusion comes from.

With this they’re saying you can only use the North Vern pass on a completely new account the rest need you to complete the content, sure got it.

The last line reiterates the same point as above.

But then the third point is where it becomes confusing because it tells us we can buy all of them even if we haven’t completed the content. So then what is it? Lol

first ss, that’s not what they say , what they are saying is " you don’t need to play the main questline to unlock the vern powerpass"

second ss, you need to at least completed the storyline up until and including punika to be able to buy the rest of the passes at a discounted price

the last ss does not apply to the brand new players, you need to at least do north vern (first ever time you do north vern you have a mission that talks about powerpasses, that’s what gave you the first 2 free ones)

  1. You’re saying the same exact thing I said but just wording it more specifically, the gist of it is still “You can buy and use this on a new account”.

  2. Your second point is what I said in my first point from before.

  3. I get what you’re saying but I don’t see how you can draw that based off of what they said in their post.

Players who have not completed the in-game content on a previous character would, by definition, be a new player…

no guys, in vern when you play it for the very first time , there is a quest at the end of it that unlocks powerpasses, before we got the paid ones( the ones we get tomorrow) once you completed that quest you get 2 free vern passes, NOW for new players they cannot buy anything above vern if they have not completed rohendel, if they are brand new players they can only buy the north vern one.

By that logic, you’re stating that “in-game content” applies only to vern powerpasses. Where are you getting that information from?

I mean same thing I said before. I understand what you’re saying but still don’t see how you’re getting that from what they said in their post.

They updated it and removed the first part.

New players can instantly skip to Punika for $50.

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