Congratulations! It takes quite some effort to bork a game start this badly

Seriously. Based on the number of founder packs you sold, you must have known that the servers in Europe will be overrun. Even if you thought that the number of servers could have managed that, you must have realized that the official start would be a bloody desaster when during the pre launch phase certain servers already had enormous qeues.
But hey, no worries, you can actuially do worse. You do a server maintenance right before the official start with apparently no sufficient contingencies, and then have to delay the launch by a whopping six hours, leaving the Europeans basically out of playing time on Friday.
After horrendous waiting times on Saturday, you decide to put in some maintenance so you can actually make things better at a later point. And not to worry again, you decide to do it on a Sunday morning, which is admittedly the middle of the night Pacific Time. In other words, the tricky concept of timezones seems to completely elude you.
And now we can’t even connect. Even if I could, I doubt that I wanted to see a 20k+ queue.
I seriously doubt you could have borked this game start worse if you’ve tried to.

There is the saying that you should never ascribe to malice what you can easily explain with incompetence. I have a hard time doing that, because you have easily transcended any level of incompetence I can think of. And since I’ve been doing IT at large and very large customers for quite some time, I’ve thought I’ve seen everything in that directiion, so this is quite the achievement.