Congratz to (spoilers inside) for winning the Lost Ark invitational!

Team Saintone takes it over Team Bajheera in the finals 3 to 1.

watched it though Stoopz and that tourney was actually fun as hell to watch. I ended up watching the whole thing minus a few hours. really hope they do this again.

Saintone really out here fist pounding teams on that KR ping though wow.


Imagine if Bajeerha didn’t think he was still playing WOW, the definition of warrior brain. Watching him miss literally everything and spam his space bar was the best part of the tourney


i did notice that he missed quite a few skills my god.

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Lol it was pretty funny I will admit. Him taking over 400k dmg and doing 160k in that last match…but hey, he’s still new and he at least took 2 games from Saint’s team. Which isn’t easy to do.

Awesome tourny though. Intense as hell and that ending…sheeeeeeesh

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WoW players playing Lost Ark thinking it’s the same game KEKL

Yea you can see he still in that zugzug melee train super coomer cleave mentality

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hahahaha this made my day!

On a side note paladin nerf when?