Connect impossible on EUC until today 12PM


I cannot connect the EUC server.
I disconnect arround 2AM and when i try to connect this morning arround 12PM, connection is impossible, game is launch but i only can choose the EUW server and when i want to switch in EUC, i have a message who tell : The region is closed and cannot be choised.

EUC not available

Some of my friend is playing on EUC and they didnt have a problem.

My main Character is Vannyah a Gunslinger 50 - 590ilvl and i’m playing on mokoko (i don’t know if this information would help to fix mw problem)

Thanks in advance

Update of my topic, i can create a character on EUW server and i can play …

why do you want to create a character in euc? Play in euw , the euc is so very full man, and queues are already at 12k

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+1, Stay on EU West.

and lose my main character and more than 100 hours ??
I play since the beggining.

And on my server queue is only 3K people

Oh my bad I understood your character was on EU West.

What progression lol, ure 590ilvl.

oh i thout your main was on euw and u wanted to come to euc, nvm me . Better rephrase that post of yours he he . I am 1100 on euc and no way in hell i will move to euw after all my progress and money invested here

Well that is progression. Or what do you consider progression? Being T3 already?

if it’s for troll, go away …
I’m here to find a solution to my problem

I play at my own pace

Yeah and i totally understand, i’m only at the end of T1 but i already spend time on the game to start from scratch on a new server

You can progress whole year to T2 on EUW, bro.

i don’t care man, i just want to play with my friend …
Please leave the topic …


There isn’t a fix other than to play Euw currently, and I’d say for the next few months. Sucks though I gave up a few hundred hours on euc to start on Euw.

Issue resolved with this :

I modify the Region parameter with CE

no, everyone go to EUC and make them do something about it