Connection issue 03/06/2022

I have got a lot of disconnects today (03/06/2022.

It’s unplayable! Every time I try to play, the game logs me off.

Please fix it!

Server: Vern SA / character: Ginimishizi


Hi @giovanni_cu1

I’m very sorry for the disconnections issues you are having.

I like to share with you this troubleshooting steps you can try to solve this connection issue you are having.

Here is the link with the steps:

If you still have the same issue when you had try the steps, please contact our live support channel in order to help you further and create a ticket to the Devs team so they can investigate the issue with the mission characters extension slots.

Here is the link to contact live support channel:

Hope this information help you! :wolf:

this is impacting other players too

This is also constantly happening to me after Thursdays maintenance/patch. I have done all the trouble shooting steps and have verified my game files about a dozen times. This also happened after the last patch but resolved after several days.

EU Central - Neria server.

The same thing has been happening to me as well since the Valtan/Destroyer Patch, I play on Valtan / NA West.
The game keeps disconnecting me every 10-30 minutes. And then when I relaunch the game, it sets me to a different region. And when I try to switch back to NA West, it says Region is closed and can’t be selected. So I will have to restart the game and sometimes it will let me select the server, but when I do it will tell me to restart the game to switch region. And when I restart again then I can finally get in, but it will disconnect me again like a cycle.

same here, it seems like the devs dont care

I’m on Agaton SA and I have the same problem. It’s already easy to notice this is a South America problem, people from Vern, Kazeros and Agaton dealing with the same issue. This is probably a datacenter issue, not user end.

I suffer one disconnection on wednesday, my game is stable after that but ping go to the sky with 125~140ms. My internet is stable, no maintenance and no problems with other services or games.
Server SA / Arctrus btw

How are you not synced up with other CS members? You give this general answer, while others that actually know what’s going on give:

"Hi everyone

Good Morning :sunny:

Thank you for reporting this on our Forums.
I apologize this issue is affecting all of you.

We are aware of the reports about players from the South America and North America West regions being disconnected or not able to join the game.

Our team is currently investigating the issue and working on it.

Thank for all the patience and understanding on this guys :star: :sunny:"

Im having the same issue starting tonight, but Im in NA east.

I’ve never had a connection issue before today. Random disconnects after being in game for 3-6 minutes, and hanging on the character selection screen after attempting to launch a character.
I’m playing on a NA West server from East coast US.

AGS Live chat had this to say about it.

Hi again.

I really sorry that all of you have the same issue with the disconnection.

Since the troubleshooting steps doesn’t works and the issue persist.

As @Ailuue share we are currently aware of the report and the issue and oue Devs team is currently working on it. Thank you so much for sharin this information! :smiley:

About the indication to contact live suppor channel if you still experimenting the issue that I had indicated in the information above this for collect more information about the problem from the players who are presenting it so that the devs team can speed up the investigation and find the solution as soon as possible.

I’m very sorry for the misunderstanding about it and as soon as I got any news about it, I’m gonna sharing with you!

Hope this information help you and have a nice day! :wolf:

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