Connection issues

i was in the arkesia grand prix and got disconnected. when i signed back in, my daily quest for the tokens was no longer there and i did not receive the tokens. about 1 minute after seeing that, i got disconnected yet again. im not sure how to submit a ticket in game, so i figure this is the best option.

server: NA west Mari
Character name: Morwrist

I’ve already been disconnected twice from Mari in the past hour. The server had some serious issues yesterday, seems like it’s acting up again.

i also been getting disconnected. I verify my game files twice.
Every time I disconnect, I’m just in character selection menu or just walking around town. Too scared to enter a dungeon if I lose my aura or anything…
Valtan server here.

i been lagging a lot with game freezing for few sec never dc tho unless error msg pops up

also my pc is about to blow up from how much recourses this game uses
only game i ever had this issue with