Connection timed out - but my wife is in, killing mobs

She is sitting right next to me so I get to watch her progress while I’m still getting the connection timed out issue, lol.

Hope this information is helpful to anyone else in this situation. It’s not our connection or network, looks like it’s a Steam issue.

Patiently waiting while watching my wife level!


I want to see. Show us please. patiently waiting while twitch streamers implode.

Wow that username! :smiley: Right there with you man, just gotta keep our cool

Same… connection timed out for me, wife is in asking what server we’re playing on. FML

wife game confirmed, husbands stay out lol

Here’s a pic

That’s my machine on the left, with the Connection Timed Out error. Her machine is on the right, in a quest dialog in Prideholme.

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I love your gaming room! ^-^ So quaint~

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Steams download servers are clogged. Getting through is essentially dumb luck at this point.

As more people finish unpacking more of us will get in.

This issue is probably the only reason the game servers aren’t a mess yet. I almost feel like this might have been intentional to create a slow feed into the game servers.

Nice. Thanks

Finally unpacking! Looks like Steam fixed whatever went FUBAR.

i think they did it on purpose. It was delayed by one hour but some were in an hour ago as well.