Connectivity issues

Hello, can we please fgix this, thakn you


Hello , anybody with an answer? its been happening for a week to a lot of players with this issue!!! @LostArk

They’ll just answer with automated bot answer man. just give it up.

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This is actually getting worse. 11th dc tonight

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Please fix this issue

please fix this

Please fix this

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@Chiake thanks for sharing!

community, if the game keeps disconnecting please post picture here until @Community-Team finds a resolution

It happened 5 min ago.


Thank you!! Keep em coming! , i had to reset 9 times kakul-saydon raid due to connectivity issues! lost 3 hours of the day :smiley: please @Ecenaz tell your friends to post any connectivity issues in this thread!

I just logged in, 6 seconds later I was dc. WTF! I got dced again a few minutes later while doing my second guardian. This is ruining the game experience for sure and I haven’t seen an official response or that they are taking care of this issue seriously.

I have over 3.5k hours invested in this game and have played through everything, bot inflation, pheon gate, and all the shit show AGS and SG have put us through, but this DC is the last straw for me. If this next Wednesday’s reset they do not fix this issue I am done and gone for good!

Time to go back to New World while waiting for the Riot MMO. It was good while it lasted.

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dc’d game and after that need to relog because game is buged cant click any link to see items in chat

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@Ursaviour sad to hear you want to go but being fair , this problem has been around for a while and it needs to be fixed immediately! please keep posting in this thread! so we can light up a fire so Lost ark team can fix this issue!

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thank you for posting here! please keep posting here, ask your friends to kindly post in this thread if the problem persist !!

we haven’t even made it trough p1 cause everytime 1-3 people dc ^^ well no runs for me like it seems

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I know the pain!!!

the amount of time/$$ you spent doesnt prioritize you over someone else, we are all having connectivity issues, losing runs, even having to remake groups for runs over and over

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I agree , what we need to make sure is we are heard and this thread continues all the way to the mods so they can fix the connectivity issues!

Well this time the game completely closes w/o any errors and it doesn’t even load any servers. Can we have a real fix for this ? @Roxx

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