Consistent Disconnects

Howdy - Following the update on the 7/4 I’ve been getting disconnected consistently every 20-30 minutes with this error:


The issue appears to be isolated to Lost Ark as other games and general internet usage seems to be fine without any disconnects or connectivity issues.

Has anyone else been having issues or is there a possible fix for this? It’s quite annoying.


Sounds a lot like this error that I have been getting…


I recently used this post to try to rectify the problem… it seems to have worked… SO FAR…

It MAY help you too…
Good luck


Thanks friend I’ll have a read through.

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Hello @phazonix

I’m sorry you’re experiencing that error and being disconnected from the game.

Thank you @Destiny1 for sharing that post. Some players have fixed the issue following those steps, or at least have reduced the frequency in which they were getting disconnected. Let me know if it helps :slight_smile:

I’ve already escalated this situation as well, so we are aware of this situation and we are investigating what is causing this. Thank you for your patience :panda_face: