Constant connection issues after Thursday maintenance

Hello, I started facing these connection problems suddenly. EU Central server. I asked some of my friends and they face as well. I am positive that it is not about my connection.

Also, when I disconnected in the middle of adventure island and managed to come back in 5 minutes. The quest has just finished and I did not get any loot. This part is acceptable since I did not get enough contribution points, however, from the event window it says CLAIMED the loot I DID NOT. Is this bug or intended? Because I am being punished because of the game’s fault.

Server EU Central - Zinnervale
In-game name: Scrapfromscratch

*Edit: I already did the “Verify file integrity” thing in Steam, no luck.

NA server here and same issue man. My internet service is good, my pc spec is good, my pc drivers are good and I even tried to re-install the game but unfortunately I still get disconnected right after waiting a long queue.