Constant crash to desktop

after the latest patch I’ve been experiencing repeated CTD. anyone else having this issue? entering portals or loading zones also when opening menu’s such as player inventory or equipment screen



I tried to swap toons and I got stuck at the loading screen. Just like the last patch. Going to have to ALT+F4 :frowning:



Loading screen crash > Login > Queue > Play a bit, swap alts > Repeat

me too

Did a filecheck on steam but didnt do much. Now im scared to do anything like Argos or abyssal dungeons.

game CTD after 1 minute of play everytime, tried 20 times and one time(after check integrity) it took 2 minutes to crash. Good that I did use crystaline aura cuz of server maintance and now i can’t even have a use of it… -.- wtf?

yep… me too rip chaos dungeons

keep getting this on valtan US west too.

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I am not crashing, but stuck at infinite loading screen. I guess it is a similar issue since I have had to alt-f4

I cant even load into a server, keep getting error occurred exiting game lol

Every time amazon tries to fix the game, it somehow gets worse. Great staff.

Now im locked out for 10 mons for security reasons due to trying to get back on. Not to mention there is still a 5000 queue on the west

yea it did stuck and freeze than CTD than i need to manually shut down the process but still it is no longer than 1 minute of ingame time

Got kicked off Valtan as well. Recieved same message. When I logged in again it just said unexpected error quitting game when I tried to enter into the server.


followed by this

what a joke.

it is better than this, at least ur in the queue


Got restricted for 10 mins due to duplicate log-in… Great Amazon what a great fix

This is happening too often.

Yep, crashed again in guardian raid rip to my weekend i guess.