Constant reapearing Error G0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT server Trixion and many others

I have the same issue here.
Server: Kazeros
Character: Winehousee

I was in an Abyss Dungeon and I just got disconnected and when I managed to enter the game again I couldn’t enter the Abyss anymore because it said that I had already exceeded my weekly limit, that is, I couldn’t even earn the rewards.

Same here, i lost one bonus chaos dunjeon per day since yesterday
server : calvasus
nickname: Perkcucumber

Exactly the same problem since yesterday on Zinnervales, with all my 6 characters… Game just unplayable

it happened me 3 times within the last 15 min …

Got the same issue and it started yesterday too, before i had no problem at all.

Posted my fix here

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followed every step

logging in right now

i’ll keep you updated

same thing here, prayge or i’ll just drop it for elden ring after getting to t3 FeelsBadMan

Ye lmk cause I’ve been on for a couple hrs and it’s worked so far for me so I hope it goes well for you guys too

i notice an improvement in the delay of overall action as soon as i log in and use a skill, the delay is gone

i’m too scared to enter any multiplayer content and ruin an entry tho lol

i’ll try story dungeon once i get to next adventurer tomes zone and keep you updated

edit: first ms peak … 406ms

aaaaaaand got disconnected, exactly same as before …

sadly this fix nothing at all

if the issue isn’t coming from me, i won’t be able to fix it anyway

lucky you if it works for you, but that’s not my case

it’s legit worst than before ngl … how to uninstall this :sweat:

Ok i tried it all, and after 10 min to connect with a char, i though it was ok, 1st chaos dj => lag same error => dc. So long Lost Ark

@Roxx Hello, please could you answer all of us ? how / what are we supposed to do to be able to play the game ? :frowning:

guess no…

So basicly on Trixion (and many other servers i guess) 2 weeks after launch => we still have queues to get in-game, when you are lucky enough to get in-game you simply cannot raid abyss etc because of the pityful matchmaking and while waiting to enter your raid you receive 100000 private msgs of bots selling golds right ?

So what to do ? wait 3am to dodge queues and bad matchmaking (who cares if you work tomorrow at 8am right ?) BUT NO cause now you have 68868ping and get disconnected, so keep pissing on us, read this topic and dont answer, good for you, i’m #######################

Same thing happening to me on Trixion, character name “Adeiyh”

Constantly, can’t even play the game since +2 days because of this problem.

Having the same issue since today, EUC Mokoko. Why no GM replying? This is critical.

Hi all

I feel so good to see it’s the game servers’s fault, I plugged and unplugged my internet fiber box 3 times already, afraid it was my problem or my PC.

Turns out it is the serveur.

So on EUW : Rethramis, it’s a total mess, 37 000 ms lol
Having issues since March 2nd in the evening

Adding my stone to this thread, I have the exact same isue of random lag spikes followed by " [G0X9-SPELPWP1P2NT - cannot connect to the server; exiting the game"
on Central Europe server : Antarès. It started last night, I tried any fix / check listed in any related post, nothing is working.