Constant stutter after Valtan Update

Edit: As described below by others it seems that certain boss models (Tarsila, Slaughterer Arre, Heretic High Priest, Rauve, Butcher, etc.) is causing FPS drops in Boss Rush/Chaos Gate after the Valtan update.

Credit to @nohhat below for the vid of the exact issue:

Anyone else have horrible stutter after the Valtan update today ?

And I mean it works fine but as soon as combat starts it just skips everywhere , even 1-2 second freezes at the worst.

Not sure if it’s a server issue or optimization post-update , MS looks fine.

Server: EUC Zinnervale


I had really bad stutter in chaos gate, almost unplayable.


For me it isn’t really a stutter issue but that fps drops hard. In Chaos Gate noticed Tarsila was there, I had huge issues with fps drops in there and I noticed FPS dropping in boss rush when Tarsila showed up. Not sure if they’re connected at all, but it’s interesting to say the least.

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nope, everything same as usual no changes at all

Boss Rush & Chaos Dungeons have made me drop FPS from as high as 240 to as low as 5 for as much as 3 seconds and happened commonly throughout stage 2 of CD and at random levels in Hall of the Sun Boss Rush.

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Same thing is happening to me. Just did a boss rush and the game was freezing for a second throughout the fight. I was playing a video on my other monitor and there were no freezes. It’s definitely a game issue.

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Ok so there definitiely is an issue.

I experienced the “stutters” in the exact places you guys mentioned, such as when the Tarsila model was on screen, in both Chaost Gate AND Boss Rush.

Yeah i noticed these drops after yesterdays update aswell. I noticed Tarsilla, that weird scarecrow demon thing and the butcher dude causing major millisecond freezes whenever they show up.

This has happened in Chaos Dungeons and Boss Rush, people i ran the boss rush with also noticed this and asked if it was just them, nope everyone who was in the party was affected.

Tarsila, Slaughterer Arre, Heretic High Priest, Rauve, punika’s chaos gate last boss adds, be it on chaos dungeon, boss rush or like a said at the end of chaos gate as soon as the models pop up or show on screen its freeze hell.

You can do the experiment, when they pop up just run away of screen and the game will be back to normal, run back and the freezes will start again.

Thank fuck i wasnt the only one,

i experinced serval issues with Chaos Dungeon (1400)
Boss rush and even cube

My game would just giga lag for no utterly reason to the point where it frozes for seconds

i would like to inform @Roxx so they can send the experince the playerbase is having atm to the game support that works with the models or the game in direct position

Just FYI Certain bosses giving massive stuttering since patch (CM response)

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I am getting big freezes/stutters too. Never had any problems before the update. I’ve tested my connection and it’s still good. Happened first in the 1415 chaos gate in South Vern and then in a T2 chaos dungeon as well on an alt. I will try to pay attention to what boss is up if it happens again.

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Getting this issue as well.


That’s what it’s like for me too

Did chaos dungeons with 5 characters today, none of those bosses showed up, game worked perfectly. Still think the next time they appear is gonna be a freezefest all over again.

Exactly like this for me as well.

Just happened to me again. This time in Boss Rush with the big spider lady with booba Tarsila

Still happening after this new patch. Can any cms confirm if this an issue? Is it “our fault”? Seems to me that something so specific happening to several people cant be that case but maybe im wrong. Has anyone found a workaround?

Its starting to get VERY annoying, i really dont want to have to reinstall the whole game again because i have a 2.7mb internet (yes you read correctly) and it would take 80 hours of uninterrupted download to see if it fixes it.

Happened again. Tarsila boss T3 chaos dungeon. The freezing is so bad that the game is unplayable when she appears. Several times I almost died.

So could it be that its an issue with the Back and Front Indicator? Because its only when you have Bosses/Monsters with Healthbars displayed.