Constant stutter after Valtan Update

One of the places where it happens to me is on punika’s chaos gate last boss with the adds, i dont think those have indicators, and its definitely not the model of the boss because that specific boss is replicated in boss rush and I have no issues.

And thats exactly my guess , they dont have indicators but maybe the code is gibberish and the game think they should have and is getting stuck or whatever. But im no Programmer

Has anybody tried if it works disabling indicators?

I unchecked the boxes but dunno if it turned it off completely because in the dropdown you can only select 1-3 and not none. And unchecking them has no impact on the stutter so far

the only connection between the models ive made so far is that they all seem to be T1 boss models.

Having this issue in chaos dungeon and boss assault against some of the bosses, for instance Tarsila.

Started a new T1 character and I can also confirm it’s happening consistently with the “Butcher Arre” boss

Same issue in Punika chaos gate with butcher and shamos last boss, freezes for 2 seconds each time when there’s an attack

I’ll also add that since the update the game has also been very unstable compared to before.

Crashes very often → out of memory issue (didn’t happen before) , memory leak maybe ?

Sometimes it just closes suddenly without any error or anything.

Not sure if the above is related to the boss issue or if it’s just for me but thought I’d mention it.

For me is Tarsila, Ruave and Korkunil. @ Chaos dungeon, Chaos Gate, Boss rush, anywhere as long as 1 of these boss spawn.

Have exactly the same issues now. 6800 XT AMD graphics

I wasn’t having those stutters, lag and whatnot but after
the Valtan Patch every event I joined begin with a massive stutter.

I have Reduced the graphic to HIGH and still getting those pesky stutters…

Seems like we have a memory leak issue… (maybe?)
I know that we have a zero day issue but doesn’t seem related to this issue. (more like a EAC nightmare)

Same problem over here. I appreciate having raised the possibility of being related to the model of certain bosses, because it is precisely the common point here.

I had the problem during Boss Rush, final boss of Chaos Gate from Punika and some bosses from Chaos Dungeon (most of them have the mentioned models).

Edit: Server SA - Feiton

Chiming in to report the same issue. Since the patch I’ve been getting big frame drops in chaos gates, dungeons, and the new guild events.

System is a 5800x and 3090.

The culprit is the korean voice pack just so you guys know, changing to english apparently fixes the issue.

Feels like every patch makes this worse.
I died in chaos dungeon last night due to stutter/freezes.
I can run more graphic intensive games butter smooth but not Lost Ark.
It’s not the latency either. The game’s just abysmally optimized.

If you have korean voice enabled switch back to english.

Here’s a video to show how the game plays with the different voice options on Fatespire floor 47.


thank you for the information.
I’ll try now and report the result later, but I admit that I’m divided: happy for the “solution” and sad for the spaghetti code

Yep thanks for the info.

I’ll eat the stutter and keep the KR voice on but at least a work-around is available for those that want it.

Uninstall Korean VO pack in Steam and enable Korean audio in game

Fixed with Korean VO