Constructive Feedback Bots

Hello everyone there’s been a hot button topic
here that many people have to bringing up. I think we all know what that is.


This is likely going to be unpopular, but as someone that worked at a game company in the past I’m hoping to share some insight.

First off the forum’s lately are echoing the same thing over and over. I’m 100% sure amazon gets it. The thing is the game was developed in a place where this issue isn’t really an issue due to the the requirements in korea to create an account. That solution isn’t going to be something that NA can utilize unfortunately.

The thing is the game was developed without having the proper structural tools in place to solve the problem with a flip of the switch. It just doesn’t have what your asking for at the moment.

It’s going to take time weeks if not months to create a great solution, and the thing is you want them to take time to develop a proper solution. It needs to be tested and re tested then tested again. It’s likely something being work on globally as well.

Now I can’t speak for everyone, but many of us have played other mmos this certainly isn’t my first mmo rodeo. Nearly every western mmo has bots, and it’s natural that this an excellent AAA f2p game is going to have more then a fair share. Then again how many free games can you even place on the same level of quality as lost ark. In my opinion not many. Even if you disagree that’s fine. That’s no excuse to come here, and present the topic in a hostile way. You can be part of the solution. It’s disappointing to see a game I truly love with a community this way, and it doesn’t need to be. Just because its a less then ideal situation its no excuse to come here and be a ****y person.

And… look I get it I really do. I’ve been that guy stuck in a queue, and had my queue drop only to be stuck in another queue. I’ve been that guy that lost my valtan week one drops with no recovery ticket. I’ve been that guy that couldn’t get into match making.

In final fantasy 14 I spent a better part of two to three weeks in a queue. I get it. You’re at home you want to relax unwind the day was trash, and all you want to do is play your favorite game. I’m that guy, and I’m guessing your that guy or gal as well.

I know it feels like we’ve had the game for awhile and it feels like forever from it being out in Korea. The thing is, and I know this will be shocker. This isn’t korea, and the tools they need just aren’t in place yet, and the realilty is companies have a lot of things to work out during a new release. I get it the games been out elsewhere, but its new here, and they deserve more time then what’s been given by the mob here. At a bare minimum I’d say at least 2 to 3 months. I know thats seems like a long time, but thats actually pretty quick.

Just think about your work and how quickly changes get implemented. I know some of you are going to say instantly, but I can tell you at mine change is literally its middle name thats sorta the meme in the office, but that change could take weeks or 9 months or more to fully be in production.

No company is perfect, and room for improvement certainly exists, but we can do better and we should do better.

And if your like me Amazon Game studios has tons of openings consider becoming part of the team and helping. You just might be the key to making the game better for us all.

May the drops be forever in your favor, and lets try and make this place a community that we can proud of.

Thanks for listening Amazon and Community.

the game does not have months.

do you think ppl will wait months staring at a 10k queue and having to play a market that s completely fucked? progression being impossible thanks to rmt inflation?

you are joking. at least in na if this take months the game will be dead and buried already

the foruns should be in uproar as they are. if enough ppl quit then perhaps the data will show they’ll need to ban their precious whales

if they indeed needs months, if SG/AGS really did not expect bots in a f2p mmorpg, then the game is fated to be ultra niche, like any p2w garbage like archage

The thing is its not impossible.

Just playing thr game with alts would always leave you within the range of running content.

As a fellow player in RU just playing the game alllowed me to always stay with content drop ranges for NM and typically a few weeks behind HM and that was with significantly less alts then i run in NA.

I’m not sure if your familiar with the PoE self found servers but thats basically how I played and even though RU had problems I managed to play and enjoy content just fine. While remaining decently geared. Sure i wasnt full bis but i would never be regardless of whales or am upside down market, and the reason why was well being f2p. It just never was going to happen.