Content Drought?

Is clown being delayed too long?

Also not expecting brelshaza until december?

What should a typical roster of a player look like at this point in the game?

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Jesus, guy pls…


Also Tuesday takes to long, I am done with this week and want my Reset.

Can we shorten Tuesdays to 12 hours instead?


Yes, too slow.

At current pace, I don’t believe we’re getting her this year.

A main at 1500+ and 5 alts minimum 1370+

Neat, you are pushing 1 main hard it sounds like.

I run 8man roster with 2 being just lopang/choas fodder
1485, 1475, 1455, 1445, 1415, 1400 being my 6 gold earners atm and 2 1370s.

Was interested if players rosters are more even across the board. Or do they stack 1 god character

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I have


What drought?
I’m at 1400 on 3 chars, 4 chars tomorrow with 95% grade accessories 4x3.
I’ll finish getting all of them level 7 gems, get to 1415 here and there and continue mokoko and island farming.

You guys rushed item level and now you don’t have anything to do. :rofl:


they are busy doing dailies x100 each day while skipping all content game has to offer, just to come here and say there is no contnet…

getting tired of those people

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If you think this is a content drought just wait. The closer we get to the Korean servers the longer the wait for new dungeons will be.

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Their business intelligence says to hold classes hostage to fill the gap months. Obviously September is a gap month. There are no content droughts here, only BI.

Question about content was asked to the community to gauge progression and asking players what progression is.

We got 1 guy at 1400 with 3 charcters laughing about other players lack of content and 2 others assuming there is a complaint about lack of content.

Nobody is saying there is a lack of content, it is a question being asked to the community and asking players about their roster setup.

we answered you - play the game and all the content you skipped

You are suggesting i skipped content. Why are you so upset?

We didn’t get any content for the entirety of August and won’t get anything till the last day of September. Just look at the reaction for the August content update, very depressing, no one cared to react to it whatsoever.

what content drought?

I doubt that you have all collectibles, all Unas done, all Achievements unlocked and roster level 250? As long as you dont have this done, you will always have content to do!

I think you mean “content that is new for like 2 weeks”. We are pacing so fast, imo we dont need brelshaza befor january! Our rosters are not nearly as evolved than the koreans were at that moment. We need time to catch up, not a new raid every 2 months.


what they should do is release scouter in the first part of next month or right now. This way a new class could be getting level and providing a little bit of content on a new class.

i think a lot of people don’t like side content and want legion raid to be their main content and leveling up higher and higher.

dont like does not mean not exist, we have these threads every few days because people rush to end-game


The OP never mentioned about content being slow or fast, the OP is asking a question about player progession and does the community think if it is slow or fast.

OP made is very unbias. You just do not like to read, and want to voice an uninformed opinion.

No cap I wish they would do more with the horizontal side stuff outside of Legion raids.

A new weekly boss fight is great fun and all but it was nice having side content to spend some of your free time on when you were done the weekly boss kills.

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