Content Pacing RU and JP Update And What it Might Mean For Us

Russia recently announced Akkan and JP recently dropped their next Roadmap. Some interesting things to take from it.


Russia is getting Akkan this week and that puts them a month past schedule compared to korea. However it’s interesting to note that the total time between Brel Hard and Akkan is the same for both Korea and Russia as they got Elgacia a month early compared to Korea. This makes me think that Smilegate has an expected timeline of 11 months between Brel hard and Akkan Hard/Normal which puts us at Akkan in March of 2024 if we follow that timeline. I’m not 100% sure if we will tho because of what’s going on in Japan.


The interesting bit is that Japan is set to get Elgacia EXTREMELY early compared to the other regions. They are set to get it 1 month earlier than Russia did and 2 months earlier than Korea. We’ll have to see if this speedup results in them getting Akkan even later but it’s interesting to note that each Region seems to be getting Elgacia sooner and sooner compared to the last. Assuming we go with this same timeline for Elgacia we would get it 5 months after Brel hard around September. If we take the 2 at face value and assume that they are expecting 11 months between Brel and Akkan then our timeline would look like this.


Unless they give us an indication of when Akkan is coming in the next Roadmap I think we will have to see if Japan sticks to a 4 month cycle on Akkan after Elgacia like Korea did or if they get it later like Russia did relative to how much sooner they got Elgacia.


So… akkan 2/2024?

I did months bad. March 2024

I highly think that akkan will be by the end if not before the end of 2023.
My prediction is July for Elgacia & October/November for Akkan.

Many players are already akkan ready :smiley:

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Im really gldd thats the case… Gonna have 6 gold makers at 1600 full ancient and full lvl 3 set and a crap load of gold and bound mats to max them to 1650 once akkan release.

I know I can make 5 millions gold every 3.5 months as I just did yo buy my 11 lvl 10 gems, that means that ill have past 30 millions gold once akkan hits

rare interesting post in the forum…gg op

If we take the 2 earliest times of release then at the earliest we are looking at Akkan in Jan 2024, 5 months after brel for Elgacia (Jp time) 4 months after Elgacia for Akkan (KR time)

Irrelevant for our region due to this, Lost Ark year two aims to “greatly reduce the gap” between regions | PCGamesN

It get here when it get here.

Just need Akkan to happen after BP releases so I can just do Brel HM for the experience then go into maintenance until I quit. Ideally, Elgacia would be after BP as well but I doubt that

we need akkan next month or game will die

no one knows if this is legit or not.

lol… it will die then… akkan will get here at the least in january 2024… dont like it? well, good time to quit then… i am happy with it


nothing more annoying seeing month/day/year, i just don’t get the logic behind that

If I had to bet it’s because we say Month the Day when talkinggg dates.

Like when you tell someone the date do you default to the 8th of march or March 8th

I hope it takes a while for akkan to arrive, Thaemine hasn’t even been released and people will start complaining on the forums that the game has no content.

both are fine when its in word form, but when it swaps over to numerical for some reason it just doesn’t look right

Akkan in March of 2024 if we follow that timeline.

hopefully fucking not
if i want to hone 1580 for me is around a month away
we are way ahead of the curve hopefully we see akkan this year after summer

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