Content release schedule is too slow

This is what my guild looks like at the moment, with another full page of 1400 ilvl characters.

If we have at least another 4 weeks before Valtan, many of the guilds members will reach 1445 which puts us straight into Valtan hard mode and already 15 ilvls ahead of Vykas normal which does not even have a release date yet. If there is another month before Vykas, the content is going to be trivial for us.

I feel like many casuals will not ever do some of this content and it is making the game stale for die hard fans who have played every day since release.


gotta blame all the hooligans who said no one would be 1415 by april :rofl: they literally dont play the game but get to change how fast content comes out, game is doomed


You know it is ok to just not play, or take a break… or accept the fact SG and AGS don’t owe you anything, and could care less if you are bored with the game now because you NO LIFE’d the game every single day…

You did this to yourself, go breath some air, let the sun hit your face this month… and chill the F out.


this is the hypocrisy that plagues this forums, when people are playing the game and going at a normal pace they are “playing 2 much”. but for those who literally dont know what they are doing or dont log in at all who are still 1310, they say “upgrading and progressing is too hard” and somehow that sticks? u people are a cancer


That’s not normal. Literally, is insane.


The game right now has two opposing problems.

  1. not enough people are progressing fast enough to access new content when it’s released. This has resulted in the argos outrage and delaying valtan for an undetermined amount of time.

  2. the people that have progressed are sitting at end game bored with no new content. They dont even have an expected release date for the new content.

The solution is the KR honing buffs that were in the game’s pre release patch notes and were removed right before release.

It helps people progress faster so more can access content on release and they won’t have to keep delaying new content waiting for others to catch up.


So someone who plays for 10hrs who no life’s the game every day from launch should be the benchmark for content release?

yeah… nah, never going to work that way, and it never has been the way devs release content. They don’t cater to the top 10%, they cater to the base majority. If you can’t understand that, then you are just pretentious and worth more attention then the average player, because YOU GO HARD… lmfao.

  1. The people that intentionally delayed their progression and thought they would get honing buffs to 1370.

Also, the argos situation was way different than many seem to make it. It became a big thing because even if you had according to some peoples standards “no-lifed” you would barely reach it. That’s why it was seen as p2w, not because super casuals couldn’t reach it in time.

hey, i see people that are under 1400 all the time.
but it’s because they’re 1 of the 5 alts someone has at 1340+ :slight_smile:

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Lol I was one of those people. 1340-1370 was absolutely miserable. I sold mats for a week or two to stockpile gold but as you pointed out, even if I hadn’t it would have been hard and probably unlikely of getting to 1370 by argos release.

I agree with you here. I think the last second removal of the honing buffs from our version of the game right before release was never accounted for and argos released at month 1 like originally planned. But they removed the hone buffs and 99% couldn’t access it on release.

If the buffs weren’t taken out, valtan at month 2 seems reasonable too.

Content is way too slow.

Show us a plan to have all the classes, all the skins and all the end game and horizontal content (in the Korean version) in the NA EU version by end of summer.

That and that alone will solve the majority of the complaints people have…

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If you want to use someone as a standard then you can use me.

I have 0 alts 1 main in T3 at 1371, I got there about a week ago… I don’t have all my Eng done. I don’t even have a clear in Argos Phase 1 yet since I have not looked for a group.

I have played just about every day, starting when the game came out for 10+ hours a day, to about 2hrs a day now to get my daily missions done on my main and alts, then run my 2 chaos and log.

That is your average player in this game, They don’t go grind gold, they don’t play 900 alts to min/max gains… they honestly don’t even care that much about rushing into endgame.

We just play the game for what it is, not for what we think it is or want it to be. You are playing this game on Fast Forward, and then wondering why there is no ending to the movie…

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I thought it was ok:ish. I had more time to push that, and infinite chaos was always an option with greater leapstones selling for 350g/each. I had a much harder time early on grinding gold for the last T2 upgrades (farming tome items for pennies). For the 1370 push there atleast were the T3 tradables.

I think May is ok considering it comes with hardmode. As long as it’s not going to be the END of may (which I in all honesty wouldn’t be surprised about at all if it happened). But for the future I really hope they find a better balance and estimate of when they are going to release content, because it is a fact that right now -many- are getting way over-geared and bored.

It should also be noted…

If you are starved now for content because you are the type of player to grind and push gains every day. If you are feeling bored and concerned NOW that there is not enough content to keep you satiated…

Please understand nothing is going to change in the future, with how they plan to release content. You are always going to be at the bleeding edge of top tier content with nothing to do, you will slowly consume all the Horizontal content and then TRULY have nothing to do.

The reality is YOU as a player need to slow the F down, or accept that you will never have much to do in this game unless you play a ton of alts and repeat the same task 10 times.

This game literally DOES NOT have enough content in it, nor anytime soon to keep a hardcore 10+ hours a day player happy.

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grab :popcorn: we went full circle and now just need a guy to accuse you of p2w for bingo.

How are more content such as legion raids etc not going to change that there are more weekly farmable content? The problem now is that past 1370 you literally have Argos and 2x hard mode dungeons, and thats it. Every added raid gives you more to farm and do.


This game is designed around having alts, as are many Korean games. Whether you want to or not is on you but I have 4 alts at 1340 and I can complete all my dailies on all characters in 3 hours. If 3 hours a day is too hardcore for you then who are we waiting on? People that play 3 hours per week? There is no reason to schedule content around players like that and alienate people who play the game every day. Whether or not you can do the content when it releases, it is not going anywhere and will be there when you get the required ilvl. For people who have already achieved that ilvl, they have something to do in the meantime.

I don’t think you are the standard player and even if you are, I think that 80% of the casual playerbase will never complete legion raids outside of buying a bus to begin with. It is not easy content you just jump in and complete and I think many players are in for a rude awakening to this.

Outside of that, this isn’t new content, we know what content is available, we’ve seen it all before. I’m not sure what you are so upset about, the content releasing now affects you in no way at all but makes players who can do it happy. Instead you’d rather be upset that someone progresses at a different pace than you and wants to be able to continue to enjoy the game. Get a grip bud.


Legion Raids don’t honestly look very exciting, it is just another 15min boss fight.

All of this games content boils down to the same experience with different mechanics.

So while sure, the people who just want to Monster Hunter all day may be happy with this addition, it isn’t going to quell the thirst for more content for a lot of people.

The game is in its growing pains atm, it’s going to shed lots of players as the core game focus comes to the surface, and all the Horizontal content is consumed.

So much this. “If I can’t have it, then no one else should have it either”.

There are of course also those who do their utmost to postpone content because they think they will be on par with whales as long as they have a chance for relic accs. The difference is of course that when they barely get one toon up there, others will have several.

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Say what? :smiley:
If that is your view of Legion raids, then why the hell are you even playing the game when that literally is the endgame content of grinding those over and over?