Content release timeline predictions

First of all, we probably won’t be able to change their mind in terms of their timeline for releasing content and classes. So, I made this post to create my predictions of what they are going to do and what I think they should consider/add into the update.

What do you think they should add?

Predictions based on what we have:

June 16/17: New skins
They said that that the skins that were released on May 16 will only be available for 1 month, so we can expect a skin refresh on June 16.

Bikini skins
(doubtful though, but if they do, this may not come till July 7/8. Yoz jar is coming so they’ll want to release a bunch of unwanted skins first so we can be pushed to sacrifice those.

Please add bikini skins!!
If you want $$$$, please release bikini skins while the current player base is 500k. At $10 each and if everyone buys one, that’s $5million for you. Also releasing bikini skins will somewhat prove that you are not trying to take advantage of people using the yoz jar.

July 7/8: Arcana
The ark pass ends June the 30th and they want to give a new Punika powerpass, so, I’m sure they won’t overlap the passes. I predict that the punika powerpass will also come with another version of ark pass that can be purchased.

By now you know that people WILL buy the ark pass, so please SHORTEN the ark pass to a month and keep same rewards, then release another class on August with another ark pass.
Players will be happier, and you’ll be richer!