Contents of Platinum Founder's pack missing/never showed

I opened my Platinum Founder’s pack earlier and of course it just so happens that the game started lagging horribly so much so that my game completely halted and crashed. When I was able to get back on I noticed that my Founder’s pack was gone from my Product Inventory AND its contents were not in my inventory.

tldr; opened plat founder’s pack, lagged, crashed, came back online to no founder’s pack and no contents of said pack in inventory.

Character: Geez
Server: Valtan

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This right here has happened very similar to me as well and its extremely frustrating to have spent $100 to only have it disappear the next boot up. The slight difference was me opening it and it said error server is to busy or some sort, then minutes later the server crashes.
Character- Operationtonk
Server- Galatur

Hello @thecure,

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I am very sorry to hear that your Founder’s pack is missing.

In case you haven’t let’s please try this basic troubleshooting steps: Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files

If the issue persists please contact us via our live support channel so we can look further into your problem specifically:

Amazon Games

Lost Ark - Support | Amazon Games

Hope this information was able to help you!

See you in Arkesia! :honeybee: :

@Combee I’m desperate and was hopeful but this failed to resolve my issue. Still no platinum founder’s pack and no pack contents.

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I am having this issue as well, tired to claim it yesterday and ofc it was laggy and said to try again later.
Now i can’t find it in the product inventory nor my normal storage.
Server : Zinnervale
Name: Sylas

I have tried Amazon live support, all you can do is ask for a ticket and they will see it within 3-5 business days. :+1: :sob: :+1:

They told me to wait till monday, and check again then we will start investigation if it’s still happening… what a joke

Hey combee!

same thing here, i have a lvl 50 char on zinnervale where i bought the founders pack, yesterday i made a new one on Brelshaza and i had the crystalline aura active there as well, today i have nothing, not even the twitch drops that i didnt claim…

steamid: 76561198004045953
server: main zinnervale - alts brelshaza
chars: Dixon, Yoshimitsusan and Dixxxy

Seems to be a global issue.
I have the exact same problem. Yesterday I was unable to claim it and today it’s not even there along with my twitch drop pet.

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So we have to wait until tommorow then. and we get our founder’s pack on the new server?

You get them worldwide until claimed.

yea I have claimed it on zinnervale but due to high queue I change server were my friends play and my product inventory is empty except for tw itch drop

@Combee Anything else I can try? I already opened a ticket yesterday and haven’t heard anything.

i have the same problem , my platium pack dident recive it

Hello everyone and apologies for the late reply since my shift has just started.

As you guys pointed out, the resolution may not be instant, due to the fact this ticket process is basically an escalation directly to the devs it can take sometime for resolving your issues.

As far as the situation goes, we will be granting an extra set of items from your Founder’s Packs if redeemed prior to today at 12 PM PT (8 PM UTC).

For more information I invite you to check Lost Ark Team Update: Founder's Packs & Server Status

Hope I was able to clarify and help you a bit more.

See you in Arkesia! :honeybee:

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@Combee I’m sorry but I don’t intend to leave my server that has my friends on it. I just want my platinum founder’s pack to be restored. The promise of an extra set of items doesn’t do anything in terms of resolving my issue. $100 is not an insignificant amount and I’m frustrated and angry that support are not empowered to do a basic missing item restore.

@Combee That’s the thing, we don’t even know if it’s registered as being claimed to our account and then vanished or if that’s a bug and it disappeared (most likely the latter).

Plus we already spent hours on the server with our friends… changing the server to claim something that we might not even receive isn’t a solution.

I already bought stuff with royal crystals so i can’t just switch servers now.