Continent Levels - Main Quest

Total newbie to Lost Ark, and I bet other folks also could use a little help with this.

Am level 40 at the time of writing.

So late afternoon yesterday, I completed the Luterra Set Sail! quest. I sailed to the Vern Port and started working on the Ark quests that showed up in my journal. Shortly in, I got hit with a “you must be level 50 to speak to that NPC” issue. How the heck was I supposed to know this ahead of time? Arg…

So, for all those wondering where to go AFTER the Luterra Set Sail quest…if your not level 50, do not go to Vern.

Please, can anyone who has completed the Main quest give us all newbie players tips on how to resume the Ark chain quests and not get hit with “level” requirements. I have tried to get info on this via the Google, with no results. Please and thank you!

There is a lot of confusion surrounding this part in the story, so basically the main story quests are now blue.

From here on, your only main mission will be to find the remaining Arks. For this, you’ll have to complete World Quests, which are signalized in blue.

Thanks to sailing, you can now travel to other continents, all of which have their own questlines that expand on the story and will get you closer to finding the six remaining Arks. It’s a long process, but you’ll likely hit level 50 in no time, so this is what you should be doing for the rest of your leveling process.

Best of luck out on the seas!

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When you completed the Luterra quest chain and set sail, the sailing tutorial should have directed you to the smallish continent of Tortoyk(it did for me). Then upon completing the main story quest there, it should direct you to the next continent of Changhun.


Yes, but you can skip to arithine to get 50 faster. IMO the story is worth it.

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About 2 hours after posting this, I did actually figure this out, though through a lot of looking around. For some reason, the sailing tutorial quest is not working. I mean, I can sail fine, but I have no idea what to do to complete it, and the info I finally found on where to go was elsewhere, and found by accident. And yea, I am halfway through Changhun and am 46. Still a ton of Main Quest still to do!

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Your link is a good one for anyone who is still working on the Luterra Main Quest chain. Also the color of quests has nothing to do with my post, and I knew that already about the color of quests changing.

I really do think that a main quest pointer should appear regarding the “country” progression showing in the the Quest Journal, rather then the Welcome Challenge, which is where I found where to go by accident after creating this thread.

Tell me you loved the arena fights in Changhun!

Sometimes…was not expecting that to be the Main Questline, and it was a breath of fresh air. Just when I think a zone is going to be boring and…heh!

Does it really level faster than other islands?

Main storyline is suppose to go in this order:

Rethramis→Yudia→west luterra→east luterra→ tortoyk→anikka(changhun)→Arthetine(arid path)→Vern(port krona)→shushire

Then I am not sure, I think it continues to Rohendel→ feiton

Rohendel is after Shushire. Yorn appears to be after Rohendel, and I say this because right now, I am at 460 and have a quest to reach 600 and go to Yorn. Finished Rohendel last week (main quest at least).

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So then it would be:

Rethramis→Yudia→west luterra→east luterra→ tortoyk→anikka(changhun)→Arthetine(arid path)→Vern(port krona)→shushire→Rohendel→Yorn→feiton

Also want to add that when I started this thread, something had indeed gone wrong on my end. The sailing quest was not updating for me. (I did finally solve that) and because it was stuck at a point before it said go to Tortoyk, I had no idea that is where I should have gone.

Summary: Screwed up the Sail quest by leaving the Luterra port area RIGHT away, which caused my Sail quest to get stuck, and hence did not get instructions to go to Tortoyk until a week later. When you first access you boat for the very first time, your supposed to head to a spot of water near the port. If you do not do that, the quest does not progress. It’s actually easy to miss if your a newbie.

And I do know why my sailing quest got bugged. So the very first time I sailed, I was looking at some many different things. My crew was talking, I was trying to read quest stuff and figure out where to go. Expected to see an quest (in blue, not orange) about going somewhere new for the main quest. Because of this, I was not paying attention to the quest instructions for the Sail quest. I needed to stop my ship in a specific spot in the ocean and follow the instructions of my crew. I had no idea where that was a week later, but found it by accident near Luterra Port. Once I completed the first quest stop, the instructions said to go to Tortoyk.

Is Feiton the last zone?

dunno I guess? Havent done all the storyline yet, I have been taking my time.

No worries. I’ve more or less enjoyed the main quest. But wonder how this is going to go as apparently, completing the last zone does not close out the main quest and there are still arks to find…somewhere, somehow. Trying NOT to read up and be spoiled.

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Had a doh moment while looking at this and realized it shows the storyline in order basically.

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