Control inflation ags

Learn from the RU server. They have issued a NPC that can purchase golden books. Inflation has been controlled.
Can we consider the merchants who sell random gold books, cards, jewelry, gems and other items? It should be easy to control inflation.


I agree 100%, if the gold book vendor sold around 10k for a decent book the market would have to compete with that and stop the system which only bussers and rmters can buy them.

RU has a vendor to buy leg engraving books from, did i read that right?
Can you buy as many books as you like or is it RNG what books he has at what point?
What about the cost of said books?
Setting a value for book via a vendor would ultimately initiate a ceiling to the price of books, but would also mean garbo books would go up to that same price

You can learn about the updates of RU server. They control the quantity that can be purchased every week, and the price is not expensive.

A raid roster of 1460s earns you 70200 a week just off of raid cash. Doesn’t even count any drops you get, or cuts from guaranteed legendary books that drop.

Maybe you ought to include more people in your qualifier. I’ve bought out two class books and a combat book already.

if you want to sing the praises of something you should provide the details of said thing.
I’m not going to go and hunt down info on russia cba too much effort

They have issued an NPC that can purchase a random gold book package, 1600g each. The gold book can be traded. Therefore, gold books and gold coins are bound together, and the price of gold books in the market plummets.
At the same time, because the total amount of gold coins is consumed, other prices are also falling

Man, that’s 70200 in 6 hours of gameplay a week if you skip everything else. You don’t have to be unemployed to make money in this game.

So extreme.

They also can intervene and set the exchange rates in the conversion store. They can also control prices of items, blue crystal prices in mari shop. Lets face it … if AGS truly wanted inflation dealt with they have the tools to do it by allowing LEGAL RMT to put real cash into the game economy. They will never do this or even attempt to make their prices the least bit competitive with botters.