Controller Aiming Issues

Please fix this auto lock on. I was hoping I would be able to aim at be locked on the target then afterwards if I moved my analog stick around on my controller is would move around following the mouse or tabbing over to the next enemy in the direction I move my right analog stick but it does not. So a controller user is always pretty much forced to aim the first enemy on site. Pressing the other trigger for example LT + X for a targeting ability and then instead of hitting the same input they hit RT while holding LT is not reliable for figuring out who you need to hit on a moments notice . You also can not line up the shot by placing a predetermined skill to land in a certain spot because the game does not allow you to not aim around or off the enemy once you have activated a skill that requires aiming. Another major issue for me (mainly in PVP), True Rising Fist second hit does NOT follow its target because in order to activate it you have to confirm that you are targeting where the enemy is currently just to activate it but you knock them up into the air and away from you, but you already confirmed the enemy position which WAS right under you so you slam straight down while they are being tossed away from you. That does not happen when you do it with mouse and keyboard. It allows you to upper cut then the slam will follow where your mouse is. For controller that skill should pretty much be a QTE where you can uppercut freely without confirming then when you go into the second hit if you are holding down the button still it will lock on the person flying away and land closer, and or on top of the enemy like a mouse input does. Am I wrong?


Yes me too would be awesome if this will be fixed

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The auto aiming can be deactivated in the corresponding options menu. That at least fixes the static aiming, but opens another problem of not being able to correctly aim manually!

See this topic:

Controller support is really wonky and needs more voices to make themselves heard!

I have turned it off the cursor aim off so it doesn’t latch onto the target but it just makes your aim more unreliable so I had to turn back on. Definitely feel your struggle there. The current options we have on controller to tune stuff only causes more problems lol. Really hope Devs actually read this stuff.

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The more we come together in one topic, the higher the chance, I think.

It would absolutely fix the game for me!!

Thats why I sometimes browse hrough all the topics to see if there are similar issues.

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would definitely be great if we could compile a bunch of topics of the same issue currently made into one. nice idea

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Okay lets try, cant hurt! Leave it to me

Okay I made a topic which sums it up.
ALL the gamepad issues in the game - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - Lost Ark Forums (

Please post all yur problems with the issue and I will edit it in!