Controller Changes Type 1 [Bugged]

I am an avid controller player who really likes to play this game; however, for some reason the most recent changes to controller really didnt do it any justice in my case. None of my point skills track in pvp and instead they just use themselves on the character instead.

I have provided a video link to what I am talking about, in punika and everywhere else my ability will go where I put it manually and also automatically, but in PVP the ability will always go on top of myself regardless. Can this be fixed? You might be thinking, just switch to TYPE 2 but type 2 loses a lot of functions that type one has so lets get this fixed.

This probably affects controller sorcs a lot worse.

Hello @Zarenno, :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing your concern about the ability use location hindrance through controller in Punika & other places versus in PvP’s. I’m really sorry about it.

For your information, this issue needs to be investigated by our development team for which you need to raise a ticket with our support team.

Hence, please follow the below link and highlight the issue with our support team so that this can be taken care of by the dev team.

They will surely check this thing at their end and will do their best.

See you in Arkesia! :magic_wand:

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Still havent done anything and I reported it to support.