Controller cutscene bug

I’ve experienced a bug many times where if you skip a cutscene in a dungeon with ‘B’ on a controller after the cutscene you will not be able to use any combinations that include the ‘B’ button, so you basically have 2 less moves for the rest of the dungeon which is very annoying. can this be looked into please, controller support isn’t great as it is but its playable, this bug makes it vastly more unplayable.

Thank you.


I’malso having the exact same problem… And it is REALLY anoying! Please fix this.

As of 1st May this bug is still happening to me I’ve also got auto-skip selected for dungeon cutscenes and whist it doesn’t happen very much it still does occasionally…

The issue with the ‘B’ button not working after a cutscene has been escalated to the team.