Controller direction

When you play with a controller, would it be possible to have a little visual help to know where exactly direction that the joystick is?
when you’re going to cast some abilities like bard’s soundholic or sorceress’s blaze among many, it’s extremely difficult to know the exact direction it’s going, because you moving at same time.

if im not wrong all attacks always go out the way that your character is facing. So to ensure you always cast the spell correctly you’d need to ensure your character is facing the boss before casting

if you turn the joystick quickly while you cast the ability you can get it to cast it in another direction than the one you are looking at, but in this type of action it is very difficult to hit the right direction because you do not know when the point you want is

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community, grsnts88.

I can see where you’re coming from here :thinking: .

For the visual itself, what would you like it to look like? Some streams have an overlay that show the directions a joystick is getting moved in/facing, would something like that be preferable?


Something simple and small like this would not be bad

but if you can’t, nothing happens, I just asked if it was possible

Thanks for the suggestion! I cannot make any promises this will be implemented but I will send your idea over to the development team.

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