Controller interactions with interfaces are terrible

Hello. There are a few problems with controllers still in place

-auto cast: it seems to not be working at all through controller. I personally dont use it, but it s quite annoying.

  • some button combinations tend to bug. Whille hitting left trigger + button to cast a spell, you often open menus. Needless to say how much this hints the runs. Inventory, emoticons and such are mapped on directional arrows, shouldnt activate with any combo of l1/l2 + button.

Has to be noted that steam auto configuration also has this problem, but the menus opening at random combos still trigger even when all the feature on steam are taken out.

  • arrow interaction with background and map interface.

This is another very annoying one. Whenever the arrow moves on anything over the area you re fighting, the next click triggers that “cell”

To be specific: if you have your mouse on the “start” button in trixion doing a dps check, as soon as you start and combo the mob the interface will count those as clicks and stop the timer running

In the same way if your arrow hoovers over chat and you press any combo or r3 (press the right aanalog stick - and while comboing you do tend often to press it without the will) will trigger the chat text and your character will stop doing anything.

So far partial fixes have been disconnecting the controller and reconnecting it altho sometimes the problems persist.

Tested both using wire and bluetooth connections.

  • in the option, there is no possible remapping for the “enter” command being on R3. You can change it but the system tells you there s one command without keybinding. Said command tho isnt present in the command list so it cant be changed nor mapped. It is impossible to avoid having R3 function as enter at all.

  • solution: you have to add a function in the options that completely deactivates cursor imputs during any fight. Keep anythinf triggerable only by mouse/keyboard so we can still activate chat with enter and mouse whenever we need (ie shapes for g6 brel).

  • add a better and remade controller controls configuration or fill in the missing commands.

Hey @madmat20002001,

Thank you for reporting these issues with controller usage. There are a couple I have seen reported previously by other players having the same problems, but a couple of your points are new.

We appreciate your attention to detail in testing both wired and Bluetooth connections.

I will forward your thorough report to the Development team.

You welcome. If you can also ask the binding on controller to move pets on summoner on pings thatd be nice. Hard to tell from the keyboard input being a combo (shift + click if i recall)

Absolutely, I will get that added to your feedback and forwarded. :slight_smile:

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