Controller issues after the march 10 update

I don’t know if this has been reported already, I couldn’t find it so I thought I should go ahead and write it myself.

After the latest update some of the issues got fixed (like pick up mode works now) but it came with different problems of its own.

Normally LS used to work as an interaction button (to talk to npc, interact with gathering materials (mining etc), collect mokoko seeds, leave islands and things like that). But after the update for some reason when i click on LS, my character is using basic attacks. This button can still be used for talking to npc, and jumping with those yellow interaction spots. But I am not able to use it for gathering, collecting mokoko seeds, leaving small islands, and similar interactions throughout the game. And having the character do the basic attack everytime i try to interact with something is a little annoying.

I have not had this happen and I use the PS4 controller exclusively. I’ll do some more playing tomorrow and see if I notice anything and post if I do.

I feel like the game takes my LS input as right mouse button click in most cases, instead of an interaction. In areas where I can’t use any skills (or attack) LS works fine (Except for the fact that I’m getting that yellow text telling me I can’t use skills in that area). But in areas I am able to fight pressing LS makes my character do a basic attack.

The workaround I found so far is that I have to manually bring my mouse pointer onto the object and use RS to interact with it. In the past it was enough for me to simply face the object and press LS.

I should also mention, during mining when I get that prompt to press G I was pressing LS on the controller and it was working fine. Right now that doesn’t work also.

A little update:

I noticed this issue is only happening when i set my cursor control method to pick up, instead of drag and drop. Switching to drag and drop works fine for the time being.