Controller issues not picking up

So ive been playing this game with a controller as i find it easier to move around as apposed to clicking with mouse, just personal preference, i like to walk about with w,a,s,d etc. Anyways yesterday my controller isnt working on the game, ive updated drivers, reset it all on steam and in game and nothing. The controller works with everything else just not in this game. I would of thought these sort of issues would of been sorted from it being out so long elsewhere. Why am i unable to use it now. Ive not had crysteline aura for 3 days either the games in abit of a mess right now…

Same happened to me on Saturday. I still haven’t found a fix. I think it’s tied to Lost Ark picking up the steam settings. For instance when the controller won’t connect I also can’t get the steam overlay to work using shift+tab. Make me believe there is some kind of broken connection making the game not pick up controller settings. Anyone else find a fix for this? I had it working last night with opening steam in admin mode but now that’s not even working.

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Same and that’s what I’ve also realized. Sometimes, if I restart enough, steam overlay will work, then so will the controller. But it has stopped working almost a week ago! I’d love a fix since I only have one hand and I can’t play this game till then.