Controller point control settings

I’ve just recently come back to the game and since I’ve come back I am sad to see that on my striker character lighting kick now has a point control prompt. It never did before when I was playing 5 or 6 months ago and it seems there is no way to turn this off. It feels incredibly clunky, I cant play my striker character anymore and it seems there is no way to turn this off. Can anybody help me out with this is there maybe a setting I’m not seeing because it doesn’t make any sense to me why they would have it cast with no point control prompt before but now lock u into using the ability with a point control prompt that feels bad. It may seem small but this is game breaking for me so if anyone has some info its much appreciated.

Hey @sugmazzz I hope you’re doing super good and I’m very happy to welcome you to the forums!

Really sorry for this situation you experienced when you came back there were some unusual stuff on your character, you might be referring to a new feature that was added in an update or patch, but could you explain further? And have you tried verifying the steam files integrity and restarting the game to see if it goes back as to how you used? Let me know how it goes.

If the issue persist you can always head to the following link so our peers over the website can take a look further into this, also if you’d like you can head over to the #game-feedback to leave a comment regarding this situation.

Hope it’s helpful.

Wish you a nice day and see you on Arkesia!