Conversion rate for Ebony Cube. Is it fair?

Ebony Cube ticket conversion is a little funny. For those that want to get the most out of their ticket refund (as it is not 1 for 1 conversion), may need to do a little conversion for the points they will get.

Cube - 30,000 silver
Elite Cube - 40,000 silver
Dimensional Cube Normal - Entrance Ticket Trade Voucher x15
Dimensional Cube Hard - Entrance Ticket Trade Voucher x20

Boss Rush:
Hall of Silence - 50,000 silver
Hall of the Sun Normal - Entrance Ticket Trade Voucher x45
Hall of the Sun Hard - Entrance Ticket Trade Voucher x60
Hall of the Sun Inferno - Entrance Ticket Trade Voucher x75

And here’s how many vouchers you’ll need for each
Ebony Cube Ticket:
1st Forbiddance (Item Level 1302+) - 75 Vouchers
2nd Forbiddance (Item Level 1490+) - 100 Vouchers
3rd Forbiddance (Item Level 1540+) - 125 Vouchers

So just checked one of my toons that has 3 cube tickets (normal) that will only give 45 voucher points, which will not give me a ticket of any kind for the Ebony cube. So I will have to keep 1 Hall of the sun Normal as well to get 1 Ebony cube ticket

Is this a fair trade? Should the conversion be roster bound instead?

I’m more concerned about gems quantity we can get out of it, I don’t give a damn about the silver.

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You have time to gather those 2 “missing” cube tickets if you want to.

iirc i saw on reddit some one said it lower than current BR and cube combine

its sht ratio but smilegate has always had bad ratio its like 1:5 whenever new stuff comes out, this is well known since 2018. Better burn all your tickets before ebony cubes gets patched.

Just run your BR and Cubes you have left in the next 2 weeks. Then it’s Wayne about the rate.

the conversaion rate is for players, who either dont have time to run all cubes and tickets, or just dont care.

this change is a tool in order to spare time for less rewards - like your desired changes to 1x cd/gr per day.

so a conversation rate will never be 1:1 in a grind game, if something spares you time, then it will give less rewards.

tl;dr- if you need silver, then run all cubes. if you dont, then exchange cubes to ebony. and run all boss rushes, as you will get less gems with ebony.


Never expected 1:1 but 7:1 conversion rate for normal cube seems very excessive.

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So any toon with less than 7 cube tickets needs to save a boss rush for the conversion

… or Run cube X3 until they’re all used up. Personally I’ll just use up all my tickets from now on and not bother with the conversion

Same even tho that I still have above 100 Bossrush tickets.

But cube I don’t have many since I always run them x3

If you don’t need the gems give them to me pls

you can swap tickets for silver.

Where does it say this? T1/2 cubes and t2 boss rush are exchanged to silver.

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It’s not mentioned in the announcement but - as it was in KR - you can exchange leftover Ticket Trade Vouchers for 3k silver each.

if you didn’t run cubes this gives you something for them

it’s not meant for you to stop doing them at all

TLDR , convertion seems to follow the 75% return so if u only care for Gems Do BR and save Cubes , if u only care for Silver Do Cubes Save Rushes ( i dont even know if there is any1 outhere that cares more for silver than gems) and finally if u care for both then Do them all before the convertion

I care about the silver over the gems, we are not the same

7:1 conversion

Or 7:0. Cube gives zero gems. Boss rush gives zero silver. It’s a bit hard to compare with zero. Those tickets are not equal.

I mean… just use them now for full rewards, if you are mad about conversion.